Mending Fences

Teenagers…there is nothing in the world that is worse than a hormone filled teenager. Well, maybe a menopausal woman.  At any rate arguments sometimes come on like cloudbursts at my house, strong, fast and out of the clear blue sky. All we can do in the aftermath is try to make sure we mend our fences. I have To make sure and be the adult and not take it personally because teenagers really don’t understand why they are even mad but they won’t be the first one to say that they are sorry. 

All around us has been kind of like that lately. Chaos has erupted and each side THINKS that they are in the right. Each side THINKS that the other side is being unreasonable when in reality there is merit on BOTH sides and neither side is all right or all wrong. So, here are my suggestions to the world today, I don’t think anyone will listen but Writing them down helps me to remember them during my latest teenage storm. 

  1. Take a DEEP breath
  2. Count to 10 before responding 
  3. Listen to what the other person has to say
  4. Consider the other sides point
  5. Admit when you are wrong 
  6. Try to work together for a mutually beneficial outcome
  7. Say you are sorry if you are wrong and try to make amends. 

Ok. So this is pretty common sense stuff. Sometimes though it is the hardest thing to do. Admitting when you are wrong??  That can be a bitter pill but I promise that in the end you will feel so much better. 

I titled this post mending fences because out of all of the things I said in the post I think that is a key part of it. If you can’t repair what has been done the damage will only get worse  I would never want to have any of my children or anyone I care about NOT know that I love them. IF something were to ever happen to me I want to exit this life with no regrets so I will mend every fence as it breaks. It will happen, I just choose to be adult enough to say I’m sorry. I choose to repair what I can as soon as I can. I choose to take the first step, it costs me nothing really. I mean, who cares who apologized first?  All that matters is that someone did. Life is too short for ridiculousness. Hopefully my children will follow that example…once they are out of their teen years!

And in honor of the title, here are a few fences that I have shot on our adventures. Have a great day everyone!!


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