I don’t know if most of you know this, but I used to be a painter. Not an artistic one, the kind o painter thatPaints houses. So, when Spencer got a job painting his girlfriend’s grandparents house, it was kind of nice. So, I loaned him my tools and he took a guy and they went off and prepared to paint the outside of this house. They pressure washed it, they painted it, They rebuilt all four corners of the house, and then they cleaned up. A couple of days ago our son Spencer was telling my husband about the work that they were having to do and my husband said “Spencer, that’s worth more than $800, you have to get paid for what you’re doing. ” So, Spencer went to the grandpa and told him that he thought that the work was worth $1500. Not a lot was said, and Spencer continued on. 

  Now Spencer is young, he is going to be 17 in August. This is a fact that I really don’t like admitting. As you well know, that means he’s growing up. But, I digress. He is young, and because he’s dating their granddaughter and he actually likes them I am sure that my son thought that they would do the right thing. For two days  these people barely spoke to him as he continued to work, and finished it. Then last night it came time to pay. Now, let me just throw in here that these people go to church constantly, and proclaim to be good Christian people. The kind that you see every day. And so what did these good, Christian people do? They shorted my son out of the money that he was owed. Then they walked around the job and nitpicked everything in order to justify why they had done what they had done, and help with their own conscience. If you don’t want to pay someone something, if you don’t think that the amount of work that they’re doing is worth what they have said they want to charge you, then talk to them! Don’t wait till the last day and then say oh well you said it was $800 and I think that’s what we should stand by.

  So, my son, being young settled for the $1000. He got shorted $500 worth of money for work that he had already done.  He did the work, the guy that was with him did the work. They worked out in the hot Mississippi July summer sun, they painted an entire outside of the house, and repaired what was broken. Hopefully, my son. Will take a few lessons away from this. As for me, it just reiterates how horrible people can be. I don’t understand, and never have how people that claim to be such a good Christian people will go around and do horrible things. They are not the only ones, they are just the most recent in a long line of incidents that I have had. I am sure, that Jesus did not act that way. I am sure that if Jesus had someone do some work for him, he PAID  them. Or, worst case scenario he talked to them about it and they came to a mutual agreement. Am I saying that Spencer should’ve gotten all the money, no. I am sure that there were things about the job that were  not perfect. It was his first job on his own. I am not naïve. However, meeting in the middle say 1250 probably would’ve been fair. Or, letting Spencer fix what they perceived as bad and then paying him the entire amount.

All I have to say today, is that it is a very very sad state of affairs when to grandparents will take advantage of a 17-year-old kid.   Especially when their granddaughter is going out with him!  That is not the way the world should work. Unfortunately, I think that is how a lot of things are done today. Everyone seems to be out for what’s in it for them. Who cares about the person that did the work? Who cares about the person that’s doing something for you? Who cares that it’s the RIGHT thing to do. Although it seems to be that the right thing to do is what’s convenient for you   Well, I for one, choose to do the right thing. I, choose to actually have some morals and some values and stick to my word. Can I look at it both ways, I can. He did give them a price of $800 to paint the house. He never gave them a price for rebuilding anything on the house though.  So, I guess in some twisted way maybe they can justify what they did. I don’t see it that way, and if it was my house I would’ve paid up. I hope, this is not the world that my children are going to be working in. Unfortunately, I fear that it is. 

Here are a couple  nature photos before I go. I apologize for the rant, but it was something that I thought needed to be said. Have a great day everyone

2 thoughts on “Working

  1. I want to start off and say that some people just don’t have respect for others. You take some beautiful pictures, can you tell me about the building? I love history and can tell that there is a story behind the picture. Thanks

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    • Thank you so much. I am sure that there is a story behind the building, but it was just on the side of a road I was driving down. I really liked the building and the visions of the past it called to mind. I could imagine that this was once a busy little road and I am sure that people often stopped in here just to chat.


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