I woke up this morning full of good intentions.


I was going to head out on an adventure and then head to Wal-Mart and then do a bunch of stuff around the house.  Well, my husband had other ideas.  He wanted to go to Wal-Mart with me which of course threw off the entire day.  It was good, it was just unexpected.

Once I got home, the headache that I had been fighting with all morning decided to hammer my head open so I decided that I had better rest for a little bit, which meant that I got to visit with my boys for a bit before Spencer headed off to do whatever it is he was going to do today.  Then Sterling and I chatted.  The rest of the day passed uneventfully and full of no adventures, then it came nearer to sunset.  I had scoped out a new location that was close to the house on the way to work the other day and so Sterling said, “Do you want to go get some sunset pictures?”  I love my boy!!!  Then his dad says to him, “Are you taking your car?”  And of course Sterling says yes since he has not driven it as of yet.

You see, Sterling’s car is one that he has had since he was about 2.  His dad drove to New York State in a blizzard and picked it up.  It has waited for him all this time.  His father and I have only put maybe 2,000 miles on the car in the time we have had it…13 years.  Today was the first time that my youngest son has ever gotten to drive HIS car.  We put the top down and off we went on our very first cruise.


We both needed it.  As we drove something unexpected happened, my headache started to subside.  His mood improved, (he had been having kind of a bad day) and before you know it we were both laughing and having fun the way only we can.  We stopped at the lake and took a few pictures, but my favorite view was this one:


As I watched my son learn the car and drive the unfamiliar road the sun began to set.  It was another ending.  Another adventure with Sterling coming to a close.  It was also another day closer to him being a man.  On our cruise we talked about important things and nothing at all.  We enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed the ride.  I watched him grow another little bit in front of my eyes.  It was bittersweet and it was a moment that I hope I remember forever.  The possibilities of his life are like this road; they stretch out before him and there is no telling what is around the curve up ahead.  I am merely a passenger in his life now.  Oh, I still get to drive once in awhile, but for the most part he is driving his own destiny now.  They both are.  All I can do is sit back and watch.  I can enjoy the ride with them when they let me come along, but even that will be gone before too long.  When that time comes, I will have memories like this to look back on.

It was a good evening.  The day was not what I had planned out, but in the end it was better.  I hope everyone has an unexpectedly superior day every now and then.  They are some of the best!



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