Thinking about my husband’s and my plan led me to thinking seriously about this little shop he keeps saying that I should open when we move.  He thinks I should put my photos and the candles and soaps that I like to make in one place and sell them to passersby.  I guess that sounds like a pretty cool idea, I mean that means I get to go on lots more adventures so that is a huge bonus!!!  At any rate, I got to thinking about how I would set it up, what I might have inside and daydreaming my way through it when I stopped.  Oh my, now I need a name!!

The thing about it is that everything needs a name.  The name is the first impression you have of something.  If you hear that someone’s dog is named Spike you really don’t expect it to be a teacup poodle.  Bubba generally brings up images of strong Southern men that will stop and help anyone they see.  As you can see, the name had to be perfect, so I started to obsess a bit and I went to the Internet.  I started looking for something that started with a G to go with my first name, Gena.  And there it was in all of it’s shining, flowery glory.  The word that was perfect for my little shop…Gallimaufry.  Gena’s Gallimaufry.  Sounds good doesn’t it.  Looks good too.  I was pretty happy with myself until I realized that no one would probably understand what the word means.  For the record, Gallimaufry is a hodgepodge.  It is a word that would perfectly describe my little shop.  It also kind of perfectly describes my life.

My life is not perfect, and I like it that way.  It is a hodgepodge of interests, people, feelings, experiences and none of them should really go together but they do.  This Gallimaufry is the thread that weaves together the tapestry of my life.  My life is a hodgepodge of lessons that have made me who I am today.  Some things were bad, (or so I thought at the time) and some were excellent but looking back they all made me who I am today.  I wouldn’t trade one for anything.

In fact, I hope that my children all have a gallimaufry of experiences to look back on when they are my age.  I know that hodgepodge isn’t usually applied to experiences, but I think that you know what I mean.  I hope they fall (not too far), get up, and soar.  I hope they have dreams come true and get to begin dreams again.  I hope they get to see the perfect sunset (whatever that is) and feel the rain as they race to pack up a picnic.  I hope that they realize that sometimes you have to raise the sail and let the winds of fate take you where you are meant to be.  (by the way, thank you to my friend Randy for that thought today.  It was a good one!)  Yes, Gallimaufry is a great word.

The word is great, but as a name for a little shop, my husband is right, it is not the right name.  The next day I was thinking and it hit me.  The perfect name has been staring me in the face for months.  So, IF I ever open a little shop selling local crafts, my pictures, soaps, candles, coffees and whatnots it will be called…Sunday Adventures!!!  I can’t think of a better name.  It makes me smile every time I say those two words together because it brings forth memories of times that I spent with my kids.  I would love to have a little shop that did the same for someone someday.  Just one memory that makes one smile for one person each day and my job would be done.  I would have passed a little spark of happiness on to someone that may have needed it desperately.  That is a good thing.

Until I have a little shop, I will keep writing here and telling you all about my adventures.  Today here are a couple of pictures of a place called Merrehope in Meridian, MS.  Merrehope was built in part in 1858.  It is the only antebellum home left in Meridian.  The home itself is absolutely stunning on the outside.  As usual I did not see the inside, (it was entirely too early in the morning) but I may have to go back and take the tour.    It is listed on the National Historic Register and has had a long history and is said to be haunted as well.  There is also another home behind Merrehope that is of historic significance and was moved to it’s present location in 1979.  They are both well worth the time to go and see and I am looking forward to seeing what is inside of each of them.

Until next time, here are a few pictures of my stop at Merrehope.  I hope each and every one of you have a day filled with a gallimaufry of experiences!



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