Today is my day off!!!  I have been looking forward to today since last week.  I enjoy my days off, because I never know what will happen.  Last week was Spencer’s birthday and it was kind of a lazy day.  Today on the other hand I have been very busy!

We built our house about 6 years ago.  Well, actually we added on to a tiny existing house.  Every step of this house I was a part of from drawing up the print for the builder and designing shelving to painting the entire house.  I have swept and polished and scrubbed every inch of this place more times than I can count.  I remember one day sweeping up the construction mess in what would be the kitchen and wondering how many more times I would sweep this same spot.  It has been a lot in 6 years!  I am proud of the house that my husband and I built, it is a testament to what two people can achieve when they work together and give 100%.

We will be married 20 years in September.  Boy have we had ups and downs and building this house was the same.  There were days that he came up with another idea and I just wanted to strangle him.  In the end it was just what we needed, in the end it was perfect for us.

Today as I cleaned our house I started thinking about all of the work that we put into this place and how someday we will put this house on the market and hope that a buyer will come along that will love this place as much as we do.  I hope that the next people that live in the house my husband and I built take care of it.  I hope they love it like we did.  I hope they are happy here and make a home here.  I hope there is never a time when there isn’t laughter within these walls.  This is a house that was built to be a home.

I am finally done cleaning and now it is time for the relaxation portion of the day.  I can relax as I write this knowing that I have done a good job with what I needed to do today.  A little time off is well deserved.  I have given my 100% to everything this week and therefore relaxing is so much more satisfying.  That is the thing that I have learned about relaxation, it is always better if you have worked really hard and done a really good job than if you just did a half-butted job.  There is something satisfying about looking at what you just got done doing as you sit with your feet up and thinking, “Boy, I deserve 5 minutes of peace right about now since I did such a good job.”  So, as I write this, my house smells clean, my laundry is about done and the sun has popped out from behind the clouds.  I have nothing pressing to do right now and I am loving it.  A little bit of quiet in my busy life…The benefits of a Sunday Adventure without leaving home.

Moments like this don’t come along very often, so I think I will take advantage of this one.  I hope each of you get a chance to relax and just enjoy a job well done.  I know I have to go back to work tomorrow so the spell will be broken but for now….

Until next time here are a couple of shots of an old General Store near work.  Great place to visit.  It is called Causeyville General Store.  It isn’t open all the time now, but the owner will meet you to let you inside if you call.  I have been in before and I didn’t have a lot of time on this day, so I didn’t call.  That is an adventure for another day!

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