It’s Sunday!!

Today’s adventure is going to be written in several parts.  It was pretty cool.  Before we get to the adventure part I have a quote to share with you and then a story as to why today’s adventure was special.

When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze into heaven for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal.  ~Author Unknown

My youngest son Sterling had a terrible week last week.  First his relationship with Cryslynn ended, then his truck broke down and he was stranded for 4 hours.  Then, he fixed the truck and showed up at work covered in diesel.  It just was NOT his week.  Now as a mom, I know that I can’t fix a broken heart.  I wouldn’t even begin to try.  What I did do was allow him to choose where we were going to go today.  He got to pick and today was about him.  It was about taking him out of the hurt for a little while.  It was about starting to create new memories to replace the ones that he had made over the last (almost) year with Cryslynn.

We almost didn’t end up going, but in the end, we got up early and ate breakfast I put on my adventuring boots and we were on our way!


Well… I actually left too early.  So we were going to have about an hour to kill.  I don’t understand how that happened anyway, I am a speed limit driver.  It should have taken a lot longer.  Oh well.  Sterling was being very quiet on the ride there, so I had him take a look at an app on my phone called The Outbound.  This app is so cool.  No matter where I am it will find me cool stuff to do outdoors.  Like waterfalls to see, places to camp, cool photo ops…you get the idea.  So, since we were headed to Birmingham he popped open the app and found us a waterfall near where we were going.  It was in Oak Mountain State Park.  If you have the time, take a look at this park, it was beautiful!  I wish we would have had more time to explore, but we were on a mission after all.

We were after the waterfall.  For those of you who don’t know, apparently Alabama is chock full of waterfalls and beautiful scenery.  I am discovering Mississippi, but Alabama is definitely worth a look too!!

At any rate we started up the narrow winding road that would take us to the parking area on top of the mountain where we then could walk down to the waterfall.  Up and Up and Up we went.  At the top, this was the view:

8-21-16 (15)

You could see for miles.  It was absolutely stunning, but not the waterfall.  Finally we got to the parking area and set out.  The path started out as a nice, wide, gravel path.  Well, this was nice.  Then we got to the fork in the road, one way went to the upper falls and one way went to the lower…The app said that the lower falls were a better photo op so to the lower falls we went.  The trail went from gravel to dirt and it was actual hiking.  OK, like Michigan.  We can do this, no stairs but the path is well worn.  At the bottom we found the falls and a pool.  The app had said that the best time to go was after a heavy rain because the waterfall was larger then, and I can see that, but it was still pretty.

8-21-16 (8)_Fotor18-21-16 (2)_Fotor

After playing around on the rocks and near the fall we decided it was time to go.  Now, I am not sure how many of you realize this, but it is ALWAYS easier to go down a mountain than up it!  We started to climb and climb and my thighs started to tell me just what they thought of me.  By the time we reached the rock path Sterling looked at me and said, “You have just been working on building muscle mom, you really need to work on some cardio.”  YES!  He has a very good point.  By the time I got to the top I was huffing.  Well, that is fixable.  But it was good of him to point out.

As we drove back down the winding road I thought how glad I was to hear that half sarcastic, half serious comment from him.  He may be broken-hearted right now, but he knows where the road back is.  His comment proved that.  Hearts are fragile things.  Words can damage them just as actions can.  Picking up the pieces and learning from the hurt is a skill that not everyone has.  Sterling has that skill.  It will take time but today was about taking his mind off his hurt and illustrating that things go on.  Life, goes on.  Someday, I won’t be here and still life will go on.  Someday his father won’t be here, and still life will go on.  No matter how bad things look or seem, life will go on.  I told him that there are going to be bad things in life and amazing things in life, but the most important thing is to remember the amazing things when you are hurting and they will help get you through.  I hope he will.

Tomorrow I will continue our adventure.  It gets better from here and this was already pretty great for me!!  Have a great rest of your Sunday and I will talk to you soon.


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