Sloss Day 2

Before I get to Sloss, I have to apologize.  Yesterday I was monkeying around on WordPress and realized that my storage was getting full, so I started deleting pictures.  Well, that means that they are deleted out of my posts.  It was early.  At any rate, any of my photos can be see on my Facebook page: Mississippi Picture Girl.

Ok.  When I left off yesterday we were still in the building that we started in and we were walking around in awe.  Like I said, if they allowed climbing this would have been where we spent the entire day!  There were gears and cogs and huge .  I am pretty sure that some of the fencing around the huge wheels were not there when the plant was operational.  I can’t begin to imagine how close some of the men who worked here came to those spinning wheels.  I know that on Ghost Adventures they had said that they knew for sure one worker got caught in the flywheel and got crushed and perished.  As I walked between the machinery it was easy to see how something like this could happen.  The entire area has a heavy feeling, like the history of this place weighs you down.

This is going to be a little shorter entry today.  I am a little pressed for time, but I wanted to get us out of that particular building, even though we will revisit it towards the end of our day.  Enjoy these shots from the building and I hope everyone has a great day!!

8-21-16 (31)_Fotor18-21-16 (28)_Fotor

I have to say that my son, Sterling is such a good sport.  I asked him to pose in a certain spot and he did.  Great captures too.

8-21-16 (36)_Fotor


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