The Tunnels at Sloss

We finally meandered outside to take in some of the other parts of Sloss Furnace.  There is really so much to explore that you could literally be there all day and probably still be finding new things to look at.  The thing we did not do, silly us, was to read the displays that they had around telling what each thing was.  And our guidebook is not helpful anymore either.  Still, we are having a blast walking through all of the gigantic pieces of the plant.

8-21-16 (40)_Fotor

There is a large area to wander around in and we spent a good while taking in all of the buildings and sights before we went to the tunnels.  Sloss is full of scary nooks and crannies but the tunnels gave both Sterling and I a feeling of dread.  A heavier feeling than anywhere else in the compound, and history is very heavy here.  As we meandered down the steep and narrow staircase we emerged in a tunnel that was straight out of every horror movie you can imagine.  It was wet, it was dark and it was a little scary…but it was oh so cool!!!

8-21-16 (49)_Fotor

There are a lot of haunted tales about Sloss Furnace.  What I can tell you is that: there is a heaviness that is present here, in some places more than others, and when we were in the tunnels I had an experience.  It is just a small one, but Sterling and I were standing down by this big machine thing that they have on one end of the tunnel.  Now as you can see there is water dripping from everywhere.  As I was getting ready to take a picture I felt a light tap twice on my shoulder.  I looked up and there was not water dripping and my shirt was not wet.  Most people will say that I am crazy, but I know what I felt.  It wasn’t threatening or anything, more like I was in the way and needed to move.  I don’t know who is left at Sloss Furnace, I am sure that there are spirits still wandering around.  Whether they are just echoes of the past or actual entities or just figments of the imaginations of the visitors that come there…well that is up to you to decide.  I know what I believe, I will leave the rest up to you.

Before I head off to work today, and it is going to be a long one, let me leave you with one more shot of Sloss.  I will wrap up our visit within the next couple of days.  I am going to be working some long hours the next couple of days.  With that said, I hope everyone has an amazing day and I hope you all find something to wonder at today.

8-21-16 (43)_Fotor8-21-16 (50)_Fotor


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