I am not much of a poet, but I thought tonight I would try my hand.  And yes, it rhymes.  I hope you like it.


As you sleep I watch you smile and think of days gone by

I think of times I was your world and silently begin to cry

I cry for times that have long passed and will never come again

I cry for the pain you put me through and it seems it has no end.

I smile through my tears as I think on things from a happier day

When you would smile and take my hand, I thought we’d stay that way.

I know that your life is changing, I know that you must go

But how I long to hold you and tell you that I love you so.

I know that I have loved you with every piece of me

I know that someday you will stop and you will see

When that day comes and you look back and no longer am I here

I hope you will have made amends and you will shed no tear

I have loved you since day one and even when you were unkind

I have never wanted anything but happiness for you to find

If I am gone when you look back, sweet boy do not fret

I do not love you any less please do not have regrets

I know the things that you do now that break my heart in two

Will be the things you will regret in a year or two

Know that I will always love you and always will be here

Even when I am gone my love will always be near

As you sleep I pray that you will one day find your way

Until that time, I will mend my heart as I  wait for you and pray you’ll be okay.


Rainbow 7-10-10

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