As many of you know I work for a Harley  Davidson dealership. In working there a lot of times people will trade in things other than bikes. Today I had someone trying to trade in a car and asked him about the condition of the car and then I asked something that I thought was normal but apparently is not, anymore anyway. I said, “are any of the idiot lights on?”  He said, “What are idiot lights?”  

OK. I just realized I have officially entered the “older generation”. Not wanting to believe it I did a quick straw poll here at work and my suspicions proved true: anyone over 40 knew exactly what idiot lights were and anyone under 40 did not. I am officially old I guess. I am not sure when this happened though.   I don’t feel any older. I still feel 25. 

Lately I have found that I date myself often with things I say or references I make. I guess when you have lived a life you have lots of points of reference that grow out of fashion after a time. 

-Life is a progress, and not a station.     

Ralph Waldo Emerson-
I guess now that the realization has officially sunk in I can live with being in the older generation, but I absolutely refuse to get OLD.   

-I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that. Lauren Bacall-

I am proud of the life I have lived so far, I just didn’t realize I had lived quite so much of it. The things I have seen and the changes  I have seen in the world have been extraordinary. Things I am proud to have seen, even if some things date me.   I will continue to live my life the best way I can and tell all three children to do the same. 

Here is a quick photo for you from the older generation, gosh we are cool!!

 By the way, idiot lights are what we used to call the lights on the instrument cluster on the dash of your car: engine light, battery light…if you knew that you might be in the older generation too…Congratulations I know It is going to be an awesome ride!!

2 thoughts on “Realizations

  1. That is funny. I mentioned 45 and 33 1/3 records the other day while standing with a group and you would have thought I was from Mars. I was tempted to talk about the 78s we had for the Victrola, but figured I would leave weird enough alone. I had some 8 track tapes in a box a while back and that generated some interesting conversation.
    Welcome to “The Twilight Zone”. Lots of people won’t know what that is as well. It’s kind of like being in a foreign country, we can have a conversation and nobody around will know what we are talking about. How cool is that?


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