Changing directions

You know, I was thinking this morning that when I started this blog it was all about the Sunday adventures the boys and I were taking. Well, unfortunately life has gotten in the way. There have not been very many Sunday adventures lately. I think the last one was Sloss furnace. I do know that Sterling and I have gone out in the car a couple times and had a couple good adventures, but the Sunday adventures have not been as many as I would’ve hoped. 

Life is funny that way. I should be overwhelmingly sad that I’m not having the Sunday adventures, and this time with my children. However, the reason that I’m not having Sunday adventures is because of work, or because the boys have things going on. It’s all part of growing up I guess. I wanted to capture moments with my boys, and the moments are getting fewer and farther between, just as I feared. It’s kind of sad but it also means that my boys are growing up.  The time that I was trying to hold back, just keeps on rolling. And really, that’s the way life is. Can’t stop the march of time all you can do is make sure that you take notice of the moments that have gone by. Moments that you will never get again.

For now, as I head to work, in my head I’m planning our next Sunday adventure. I know it will be awesome, and I keep finding all these really cool places that I want to go to. Will it be this Sunday?  I sure hope so but that’s nothing that I can guarantee. So, I apologize that my blog is taking kind of a detour if you will. Just like life it started out as one thing, and is ending up as another. I hope that you still find value in it, and I hope that soon I will have another Sunday adventure to tell you all about.

Until then, I’d like to leave you with a picture, and a quote that I thought was pretty good. I hope everyone has a great day, and I’ll talk to you next time.

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.

Robert Frost-

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