Well, we made it home.  Tonight that might be quite an achievement.  We ended up riding.  It was damp and it stayed in the 40’s all day, but we rode.  We rode to Freda, Michigan where there a red iron dam, (I will go into that subject in another post).  It was cold, but gorgeous.  Spencer is on a new bike, so he is just getting used to it and he ran it out of gas at the dam.  Rod and I took off and knocked on doors until we found a very nice man who gave us enough gas to get to a gas station.  We filled up and took off for home.

Now keep in mind that we were probably 2 1/2 hours away and sunset was coming.  It was going to be close and it was getting colder.  In the woods it wasn’t so bad…well if Rod stayed out of the puddles.  My rear end was very wet as it was.  We took off and began racing the clock home.  Rod was leading, (I was along for the crazy ride with him), Spencer was in the middle and Sterling was bringing up the rear.  We raced over a carpet of golden leaves that lay undisturbed on the trail as we headed towards home.  I watched the trees and colors fly by as the sun showed itself for the first time all day.  As the sun began to go down I started to worry more and more about animals, and just as I thought it deer began to appear.  First one ran across the trail in front of us.  Then as we rounded a bend, there was a side road and I glanced over and started to scream.  I kid you not I actually did.  There were 3 deer and one of them was skidding to a stop a few feet from my side of the RZR.  There would have been nothing that I could do, and with that in mind I do believe a few choice words that actually made no sense popped out of my mouth.  Meanwhile, as I am getting over having just seen the whites of the deer’s eyes, my wonderful husband is laughing his head off at my reaction.  If it would not have endangered us I think I would have started beating on him.  At any rate further down the line 3 more deer crossed our path.  These actually stood long enough for me to snap a shot of them.  That’s when the trouble began.

Rod and I stopped at the stop sign and waited for the boys like normal but they were not coming.  I began to think about deer jumping out in front of them so we turned around and raced back the other way.  There they sat and Spencer was out of gas again.  By now the sun had set and it was getting darker quickly.  We quickly decided that Rod and Sterling would head to the house and Rod would bring the truck back to get us.  All Spencer and I had to do was push the bike up to the stop sign.  Ha!  We were on a trail that was an old railroad bed and they had covered it with large rocks.  Also, we didn’t realize that the bike had gotten a flat as well, so here we were pushing a bike on large rocks with a flat tire.  Spencer started pushing and then I would take a turn.  Let me tell you, it was not an easy feat.  We finally got it to the stop sign and all we had to do was wait.  I looked around and there was Spence on the ground, totally beat.  As we waited it got darker and darker, and kind of scary.  Scary because there are wolves around, and bears and I really didn’t want to meet one.  It didn’t help that Spencer thought he heard something in the weeds.  Just then, help arrived!!

At the end of the day, it was a Sunday Adventure kind of day.  There was cool stuff and there was us getting into some kind of pickle that we had to get out of.  I have to laugh when I think about it.  But…I can assure you that we will carry a gas can from now on!!

Here are a couple shots from today, I hope you enjoy them!!


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