Riding with Rod

As you have probably guessed we have a Polaris RZR, which is another name for an all terrain stock car.  Or at least that is what my husband Rod thinks some days.  Now we have ridden in West Virginia, in Mississippi and here in the UP.  I have to say that while I dearly loved West Virginia I am so glad that the trails here in the UP are not on the side of the mountain.  Those steep drop offs on one side made me so nervous!

The places that  you can go with an ATV of any kind here in Michigan are absolutely gorgeous.  Rod has seen all of these places by snowmobile, but not in our RZR so it is kind of like having a new experience with him each trail we go down.  The first day we went out was like that.  The trees were gorgeous and the trails looked totally different to him.  I know this because I got a lot of, “I think if we go this way…”  Oh no.  We were doomed.  Actually between his “I think” and the map we did ok.  We did end up going a little too far because as darkness approached we were still too far from home.  This gave Rod another reason to go really, really fast down the trails.  Now, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression, Rod really doesn’t need a reason to go really fast down the trails.  It is nothing for me to look down at the speedometer, (which I try to avoid doing) and see us going 60 or 70 mph.  Let me tell you, it is really hard to see anything when you are going that fast down the trails.  I do manage to see a few things and when I point them out I hear, “Yeah”, so I don’t really think he even understood what I was actually saying or pointing at.  But, at least I told him.

To be fair, he will stop when there is something that he thinks I might want a photo of, but he will also do things just to make me nervous.  When I said that the RZR was a stock car I was not kidding.  That thing can corner like nobody’s business and it will fly.  That man loves that thing.  I just hold on for the most part.  I have learned that talking a lot breaks his concentration.  You know the kind of talking I mean right?  The kind that women do when their men are driving in a way that makes us nervous.  (This happens a lot)  When they take corners too fast or get too close to something before stopping, those kind of things.  At those moments words often pop out of our mouths.  Sometimes it is things like: “brakes, brakes, brakes” or “there’s a car!” and sometimes it is things like, “Oh my God I am going to Freaking kill you when we stop this car!”  or something to that effect.  Well my husband says that those times are when he needs to concentrate and my words interfere.  I can understand that on one hand, but on the other hand I think it is a bit of horse hockey.  At any rate, I do try to keep quiet.  And I think he actually tries to do things to make me NOT be quiet.  This may be all in my mind, but I would not put it past my crazy husband.  You see, at the end of the day, he is confident in his abilities and I get nervous way to easy.  He finds it a bit comical too.  For instance: there we were riding along and the next thing I know we are doing doughnuts in an open field without warning.  Another time we came up on a race track, well we had to take a lap.

My husband pushes me past my comfort zone.  I may complain in the doing, but in the end we make it to the other side richer for the experience.  I have been riding with Rod through this life for nearly 20 years now, and I can’t wait to see where we head to next.  I hope all my children find someone that makes them better than they are or than they think they can be.  I hope they find someone that they can ride the bumpy road of this life with.  I also hope that they find crazy adventures and lots of laughter along the way.  I hope you do too.

Here are a couple of shots for you.  Until next time, enjoy YOUR ride to YOUR destination.


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