Up North Day 1

I only have a short minute this morning so this will be a quick entry.  After driving for 18 hours we wanted to do nothing but hit the sack when we got to Michigan.  Since Rod’s Mom and Step Dad were visiting us, the next day we decided to take them to see some of the more famous sites in the area.  We set off and our first stop was Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains.  It is a gorgeous lake surrounded by wilderness.  There is a nice walkway up to the viewing area that is maintained by the Park staff.  I have been there in the spring, winter and now the fall and I have so say in each season it is a breathtaking view.


The river running into the lake.


Fall color everywhere.


Moss and an acorn.


There were a lot of others there enjoying the view, but like I said, it is amazing.  The Park is full of trails and things to see, which I have not seen yet, so if you are ever up that way, make sure you stop.  It is worth the drive.

That is all for today, since I have to do things like, take out the trash, get fuel and go to work.  I will write more tomorrow.  For now, keep a good memory in your heart and you will be able to make it through anything life throws at you.  Until next time, have a super day!!

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