Just Another Sunday

Waking up on Sunday we had to wait for Rod’s parents to leave and then we realized that we would not be riding today either.  We needed food.  I mean, of course I had canned stuff there, but you cannot survive for an entire week on things out of cans.  You can, but it is better with fresh food.  So, we headed out to our local Walmart, which just happens to be an hour or so away.

The ride was beautiful and the further north we journeyed the brighter the colors became. As I listened to the boys talking and laughing in the backseat and watched my husband driving with a smile on his face, I had a minute, (or a couple) along the ride to think how blessed I really am.  My family, even though we fight sometimes, is still together and we still love one another.  We still enjoy spending time together.  I have the people that I love the most, with the exception of Lia, here with me in this truck.  And as always, I thought of her at that moment too.  My world was complete.  It is a great feeling.

The trip was over shortly and we had to enter the world of Walmart.  Thankfully we finished shopping quickly and headed back home.  On the way back, my husband pulled over to the side of the road because on the way up I had mentioned that a certain place would be a good picture.  I was right, it really was:


After I shot the pictures at the old bar we continued to make our way home.  We laughed and joked the entire way until we pulled off of the side of the road again.  There is a sign that I have been wanting to take a picture of ever since we have been going up there.  I am not sure the reason why, as I have not been able to find a story behind it, but I do know that there are other signs like this elsewhere.  It is a cattle alien abduction sign.  I am totally NOT kidding.


Of course we had to stop and get a shot of this.  Not sure if this was a good area to stop, but I checked the sky and saw no UFOs so I was guessing that I would be safe for a couple of minutes.  I would really hate to be that farmer if this was a regular stop for these aliens…I guess maybe it is like their Walmart!!

By the time we got home and unloaded the groceries the time for riding was pretty much over.  Sterling and I did take a walk to the Lake, since I really hadn’t had time to stop there since we had gotten there.  There is something so calming about that Lake.  Even when the waves are crashing it makes me feel peaceful.  After we got home, and as it was getting closer to sunset, Rod asked me if I wanted to take a ride with him to the Lake. Of course.  So I got to spend the night of the second day watching the sun go down with my husband.  And snapping pictures of course.  All in all it was a perfect ending to a perfect day.  We may not have done anything too exciting, but it was perfect anyway.  As always, the sunset was beautiful and I was watching it as I walked with my husband on the beach.


So much perfection in one day.  Again, I am truly blessed.  Everything that I have ever been through in my life has led me to this place and this time.  I am thankful for every person that I have ever met, ever known and ever loved…they have been instrumental in making me who I am today and I would not trade one minute with any of them, whether they are here or gone. I think sometimes we forget that.  We forget that no matter how hard things are at this moment, we are still blessed.  If we look long enough we can wade through all of the bad things and find the good things that are waiting there.  I hope each of you find your perfection every day, it is there waiting for you.  I will talk to you all soon.

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