Redridge Dam

Tuesday had been a kind of rainy day and Wednesday was starting out the same way.  Temperatures were cool and it was drizzly.  Rod was going kind of crazy, he wanted to ride.  I kept telling him that the weather said it was going to clear up and finally it did.  The year before the boys and Rod had come up here without me and had ridden the trails.  They had found something that they wanted to show me and so we were off to Freda, Michigan.  To drive there by highway is about an hour from the house.  ATV trails take a lot of different twists and turns and you will be stopping periodically, so it takes longer.  Still, we thought we had time before dark to make it there and back.

With temperatures in the 40’s we took off around noonish.  Since it was sprinkling here and there it made it feel just a bit colder, but we were bundled up and the boys said they were warm enough.  We took off and started our trek to Freda.  The trails around the house were familiar, but then we got away from where we had been riding and there was so much to see.  The colors were so bright and there were old houses and railroad trestles and so much more.  It is truly a great place to ride.


We stopped a few times here and there and finally made it to the Redridge Dam.  This place was so cool!!  This dam is one of 3 steel dams that were ever built in the United States, (usually dams are made of concrete or earth).  Only two of these dams are still around.  Basically, according to Wikipedia, the thin steel plates are angled upward in the direction of the water flow to take the force of the water and transfer it through the girders to the ground.  (I am paraphrasing here).  It is amazing to see.  While my husband and boys looked for something to start a fire with, I went to investigate. (Of course!!)  After I came back from behind the dam I found Sterling and asked him if he wanted to go.  Since the wood was too wet to light a fire, at least climbing around would warm him up.

We went behind the dam and stood just feel behind countless pounds of water pressure.  We climbed down right to the middle of the river and stood looking up at this massive construction.  It was truly a wonder.


After climbing around for awhile, Sterling and I headed back and I could tell that the guys were ready to go.  So we loaded up, but they had one more surprise in store for me.  They took me to a beach on Lake Superior near the dam where the sand was black.  It was a beautiful beach.


Now it was time to go, but we weren’t done with Freda yet…but that is a tale for another time. I hope each one of you find something to wonder at and find a small piece of beauty that you hadn’t seen before today.   Until next time, have a great day!!

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