Roadside Finds

Maybe some of you read my post titled Gas, if so, you know that Spencer had a flat tire.  Near the town we live in there is a really cool place called Pat’s Motorsports.  The people who run it are great and Rod has known them for years from snowmobiling.  At any rate, we figured that we could get his tire fixed there…no such luck.  We had to drive to Hancock, which is a little over an hour away.

So, around noon we set off.  This was no big hardship for me, because there was some stuff that I had read about, (of course!) that I wanted to see and it was up in that neighborhood.  I have stuff I want to see all over the Upper Peninsula, but that is just me!  We set off and soon we had dropped off the bike and had eaten and still had time to kill.  My husband looked at me and asked where the thing was that I wanted to see, so I dug out my trusty phone and off we went.

The thing in question was an old mining dredge that had sunk and you could see it from the road.  I had seen pictures of it and it looked like something that I needed to add to my photo collection.  The Quincy Dredge Number 2 was originally built in 1914 and was used to reclaim sand that had already been milled because it had copper in it.  It sunk in 1967 and was made a historic site in 1978.  Now that is something you just have to see!!

We parked by an abandoned building, (must go in there too) and saw that there was a fence around the entire lake.  Well, getting closer surely wouldn’t hurt.  Rod stayed in the truck and the boys and I walked over.  I am glad that we did because there was a break in the fence and a path so we got to be up close and personal with the massive piece of history.


After we had explored the dredge we turned our attention to the building we had parked near.  Of course it was a treasure trove of adventure for my boys.  They wanted to climb and go upstairs, I was a little more leery, it felt a bit like trespassing.  And we all know that I try to be very careful of trespassing now since one of our previous adventures!


As we headed back to Hancock to pick up the bike, we just happened to find one more great roadside stop.  There was an old service station with cars and trucks just lined up, as if they had been waiting to be fixed and time just stopped.  The fall colors and the colors of the cars just made this an awesome photo.


You never know what you might find along the roadside.  I’ll bet if you look today you will see something that you have not seen before.  Until next time, have a great day!

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