Waterfall Hunt

It was a perfect day.  It wasn’t hot, it wasn’t raining and the leaves were in full color.  We were in Michigan and it was also my husband’s birthday.  I had told him that since it was his day we would go wherever he wanted to, so I was prepared for a full day of riding.  He didn’t care where we went, but he wanted to make sure that I got to see some of the things that I wanted to see too.  There were these waterfalls and he thought he knew right where they were and that we could get there by trail.  I looked at the trail map and knew we couldn’t, but it was his day and the trying to get there should be interesting anyway.

Off we went.  Some of the trails were familiar and then we came to a fork in the trail that went four ways.  We stopped to consult the map and realized that the 4-wheeler had a flat.  Rod always packs a took kit for just such emergencies and once we fixed it we were off down a trail we hadn’t been down and hopefully heading toward a waterfall.  So far on the trip we hadn’t found any deep mud holes, well…that was about to change.

We rounded a corner and there in front of us were puddles.  There was no way to tell how deep they were by looking but I had a feeling they were deep.  It looked like there were Jeep tracks in one puddle, but there was no way to go but forward.  As we were going through the middle of the mud holes, the water came over the side of the RZR and filled the entire foot well on both sides.  It came up over the seat and now I was riding with a very wet rear end.  Finally, after what seemed like forever, we made it to the other side of the water.  Spencer, on the dirt bike, just rode the tops of the ruts and Sterling, well by now he was thoroughly soaked.

We continued on and found more water, but nothing as bad as the first batch.  The trail continued through fields and through the woods until we crossed a highway.  On the other side we sat in front of a gate that read, “No wheeled vehicles.  Snowmobiles Only”.  We had somehow taken the wrong trail and now we had to turn around!  As we backtracked I kept thinking about how deep the mud holes had been and how I was sure that they were deeper now.  I thought for sure that we couldn’t get much muddier, but I was wrong on that assumption.

We reached the mud and tried to use the path around, unfortunately it was too narrow for us and for Sterling, so there was no choice but to go back through.  I have to give it to my husband, he drove very well and we made it through with a little effort.  We got stopped and looked back and Sterling was behind us.  He was doing well and then…he got in a groove and bottomed out.  The wheels were not sitting on the ground.  He was stuck.  We turned around and winched him out and as we were winding up the winch, he bottomed out in the same spot!  I don’t think Sterling could have gotten any muddier!


We still hadn’t found the waterfall and the day was still early.  We decided to go on and see what other adventures we could find.  I am glad we did.  This was a special day for my husband and it turned out being one he would remember for a long time.  I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.  My family being together, having fun and getting into messes; there is nothing better.  I hope you and someone you love find a giant mess to get into today…one that you can get out of of course!  Have fun and make some memories together.  Have a ball!  Talk to you soon!

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