I’m driving to work right now. I had to take Sterling in, for his FCA meeting. That is the Fellowship of Christian athletes. That boy loves that group. At any rate, there is a fog that is coating everything, and allowing me to see it in a different way. It is almost as if there is an artist and he is painting different pictures, and using the fog as his paint.   Using the colors of fall as his backdrop, the fog touches this tree and winds around that tree, it rises off this pond, and it sinks to the base of these trees while in other places it’s settles on the tops of the trees   Some places, like where I just drove through, the fog was very thick and the sun barely was seen and then in other places, the  Fog is allowing me to see the sun’s rays reaching down towards us. At one point this morning, I saw another Sundog.  I have seen so many of those in the past few days!   Sometimes, it is the little things that make us see things in a whole new way. I woke up feeling rather blah this morning. But the fog is lifting my mood. I am seeing so many photographs, that I should be taking. But, since I had to leave early and I knew I wouldn’t have time my camera, is at home. I guess these pictures were meant just for me, and they will be there in my memory when I need them. I hope each and everyone of you get a chance to see something in a different way today. I also hope that each of you take the time to notice when something is being shown to you in a different way. These are the moments in our lives that pass us by so quickly, and once they’re gone if we choose not to notice them then they are wasted moments. I hope none of you have any wasted moments in your lives. I hope you take full advantage of every moment that is shown to you.  

This photo is not from today but it is the fog painting a different picture of something I see every day. Until next time, have a great day and I’ll talk to you later. 

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