Final Day

We have had an amazing week in Michigan and sadly it is nearly over.  The next morning at about 3:00 we would have to leave to begin our journey home.  Today there would be no adventures, (or so I thought) and we would spend the day packing and getting ready to head out.  For me, this day is always a sad day.  I love it so much in our little house in Michigan, but we have to head home.

We cleaned and packed and Rod and I headed down to the beach for one last walk there together for this year.  It was a perfect day for a walk on the beach.


As it was getting on toward evening Rod decided that we would go out to eat at the Konteka, which is in White Pine.  To get to the restaurant we had to pass a place where I knew there was a waterfall; in fact it was the waterfall we were trying to see the other day.  I should have known that there was going to be trouble, but what kind of trouble could we get into driving in a truck to see some waterfalls?  I mean people do it every day.

I got Rod to agree and we arrived at Bonanza Falls with plenty of daylight left, the sun wasn’t even setting yet.  Bonanza falls is actually very beautiful and Phil Stagg says it “is a family paradise!” in his book Waterfalls of Michigan.  The reason he says that is due to the small pools that people actually swim in as well as the number of drops that you can investigate.  In fact, when we got there people were actually swimming in one of the pools and it was over his head.

It was absolutely breathtaking.  The color, the waterfalls, the water, the color of the sky.  I was snapping photos away and climbing on rocks…I was in my own brand of paradise.


Finally, the groups of people left and we had the entire place to ourselves.  I saw that the boys had walked upstream so, I climbed off the rock I was on and followed them.  That is where I made my very first mistake…I left my poor husband unsupervised.  Now, this should not have been an issue, but apparently it is.

I took a couple shots of the boys and I just happened to turn back to where I had been, just in time to see my husband fall into the waterfall!  I took off running towards him because in my mind, this waterfall just became HUGE and DANGEROUS and he was going to end up in Lake Superior if I didn’t help him.  (Keep in mind that people swim in this one all the time and slide down the falls.)  That may not be true, (it wasn’t) but at that moment in my mind it was.  I got to him and made my second mistake…in my haste to help him I didn’t look to see if the rock I was stepping on was wet or dry.  And you guessed it, in I went, right on top of my husband that I was trying to save.

Somehow I remembered to hold my camera up out of the water, so I handed it to Spencer and climbed out of the water.  If you ask Rod, he will say that I pushed him back in, so when I braced myself and held my hand out to him he told me to “Go Away”.  Finally he took my hand and I got my slightly irritated husband out of the waterfall.  I was still in full on panic mode and kept asking if he was okay, and he seemed to be except he kept holding his hand.  Now, instead of going out to eat we were heading back to the house to change since both he and I were soaking wet.  (He still wanted a steak though)  We got to the house, changed clothes and headed out again.  As we passed the waterfall the second time I told him we could stop and he said, “To hell with you and your waterfalls!”

In the end, his pinky finger was broken.  I am so grateful it was nothing worse than that.  As an aside, since he didn’t want to go to the doctor, about a week later he asked a nurse friend of his if his finger was broken or just jammed and she informed him that it was broken.  Then she promptly re-broke it before he knew what she was doing so that it would be straight.  He was none too happy about that either.  What I learned from all of this is that my husband does not need to be unsupervised around waterfalls….especially if I am around to try and save him!

All in all, the week was amazing, and just a bit too short.  All too soon we were home again.  I am missing my little house in the far north and I am especially missing the family time we shared.  There is a whisper that I hear in my heart telling me it is time to return.  I know that 2 weeks at Christmas won’t be nearly enough either but it will soothe my yearning until Spring.  The magic of the far north has made it’s way into my very being and when life gets overwhelming all I have to do is take a minute to pull one of these memories out, to realize that whatever I am dealing with at the moment is not the end of the world.  Whatever problem I am having is not as big as I have most likely made it out to be.  I will get through this like I have so many other things.  Life has a way of giving you these little gifts when you need them, and my life is full of moments that I can use to clear my head.  I am thankful for every moment that we spent together as a family and they are memories that I will cherish forever.

Until next time, here is one more shot from our trip.  I hope that all of you have a wonderful day and I will talk to you all again soon.



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