Good morning to everyone. I know I haven’t written in a little bit, not because I haven’t had anything to say or anything is been going on, but actually because there’s been so much to say and so much going on. The problem is sorting out what I actually want to share with everyone. I think that sometimes there are days or weeks when life decides that it’s time to make you appreciate what you have. I just had one of those weeks. I got into an argument that I didn’t need to get into, watched my son and my husband get into another argument, felt overwhelmed, overstressed, and just frustrated and worn out. None of the things that happen this week I can do anything about. Even though I always try to find a solution and make things work, sometimes things just have to play out. I think that might be my lesson for this week. Because Lord knows that there is always a lesson in everything.

If my lesson, is to sometimes let things play out, then I have to say right here and now that I have learned that lesson well! I know I can’t control everything, and really I don’t even try. What I am guilty of, is trying to compromise my way out of the situation.  Although, sometimes when I feel that something is right, then I don’t like to compromise. And sometimes, I may stick to my moral code just a little bit too much I guess. Well, better than is good for me. I’m talking about that if I did things the way other people wanted sometimes, even if they were wrong and I didn’t like it, things might go easier for me. But, being my mother’s daughter and my grandmother’s daughter I can’t do that. I guess I’m like that stubborn old mule that only wants to do things one way. It’s not that I want to do things only one way in, but when I’m right and I know I’m right I have a hard time telling someone else that they’re right. Especially, When I know they’re wrong. So, sometimes I get into arguments that I shouldn’t.

If I can tell all of you one thing today, it is that sometimes things just need to work out on their own. I’m not going to say to tell someone else that they’re right when you know that they’re wrong. If you are 100% sure that they are wrong, all it does is Pat their ego to hear that they’re right. Now, that being said, you have to be fully prepared to take the repercussions of your actions. I am. I make no excuses for who I am. I am stubborn, I am strong minded, I’m strong-willed, I follow my own code, and I really don’t see anything wrong with that. On the other hand, I am loyal, I am honest, I am trustworthy, I am caring, and if you were my friend or you do business with me I will always do the best for you that I possibly can. Honestly, I don’t think that such a bad deal.  Make your own choice, blaze your own trail, and be true to yourself. Until next time, here’s a picture that you may or may not have seen before, but it is a nice relaxing one that I probably need after my tomato Thewis week. Have a great day everyone!

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