Election Day

Well, today is the day that we in the United States have been waiting for.  Well, I know that the media has been waiting for it.  It is Election Day.  Every 4 years we get to elect a person to lead our country.  I don’t like to write anything political, but I will just make this one short.

We have problems.  Of course we do.  Any time you have a large group of people getting together, there are going to be different views.  And there is always going to be the bad guy that is trying to be ALL POWERFUL.  These are the people that do backroom deals and stir up discontent.  As a whole, I think that our country is really a good place to live.  The best, in my opinion.  I am sure that others will think otherwise.  I do think that our Country has suffered from poor leadership lately and I think that we are on the wrong road.

When I grew up you worked hard for what you had.  Working hard instilled pride in a job well done.  Pride is contagious.  People who work hard and with pride turn to others to see how they can help them feel the same way.  Somewhere along the line we lost our pride.  No one cares to work anymore and if they do they don’t care about doing the job well.  Sometimes it is because of their boss.  I mean, it is really hard to feel pride in a job when nothing you do is good enough because all the boss cares about is getting the next dollar however they can.  That attitude creates apathy at work.  I have seen it a lot.  I think there is more to it though.  No one wants to work because they are waiting for someone else to do it for them.  Which brings me to my next thought.

When I grew up getting a handout was not something to be proud of.  No one told us that we were OWED anything.  Well, unless we worked for it.  Now people get handouts all the time.  I even saw a job that paid $48 per hour to give away free cell phones!  Maybe I should investigate that job!!  People need a hand up not a hand out.  I think if you want government assistance then you should work for it.  If you can’t work, you can cook or watch the kids of those who are working.  And jobs like: cleaning up trash along the highway, mowing yards and doing things for older people on Social Security, shoveling snow, raking leaves, running errands for the elderly and infirm that can’t afford those home health type people.  I am sure there are lots more things we could think of.  Working for money is NOT a sin.  Having money is not one either.  Not being able to feed your kids in America is.  Not being able to afford to go to the doctor is.

Somewhere along the line we have forgotten what leaders are meant to do.  The definition of a leader is someone who guides.  A leader doesn’t make decisions for everyone, they take a plan of action and map the best way through whatever maze is between their group and the ultimate goal.  We are a country of free people.  Our leaders are guiding us toward something that I don’t recognize as freedom.  Is that really where we want to go?  Is all of this other stuff really worth our freedom?  We need a leader that leads by example.  I know, whoever it is could just use the Golden Rule as an example.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  You know, that pretty much sums up everything.  Are you gay?  Do you want to be treated any differently?  NO.  Are you working?  Do you want someone who is not working to be given more than you?  NO.  Do you need a chance?  Do you want to be given one?  Do you want to be lied to?  NO.  Do you want to be accused unfairly?  NO.  You can go on and on from here.  For the record, I am not gay but my sister is.  So What!!!  She is an awesome person.  She is not an alien.  She is still human.  She still has feelings.  She still hurts when someone says something nasty.  She still laughs, she still cries.  We are all just people in the end.

I am sorry for this rant.  No matter who you vote for today, or if you vote at all, I hope that you remember to try and live your life by the Golden Rule.  If our leaders have forgotten how to be decent human beings, maybe we can start our own movement.  It only takes one person to light a candle in a dark room.  It only takes one act of kindness to start a wave.  Let it be your act of kindness.  Until next time, have a great day everyone!

By the way, here are your shots for the day!!



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