Have you ever woke up and had a song running through your head because you were dreaming about it?  I did that this morning with Hero by Mariah Carey.  Don’t ask me why, it just is.  Dreams are that way.  It does however make me wonder if someone, or my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

I know that a lot of us are having a tough time of things right now.  There is a lot of uncertainty in the world and some days it is a real struggle just to keep going.  I mean, it is easy to think, “Why try”.  But you have to keep moving forward.  The dreams that you had as a child, the dreams that you had as an adult, the dreams that you had last week are attainable.  I know in my own life, things can get pretty rocky at times.  Teenagers, bosses, work, money…just life.  But in my family, I guess I am the strong one.  I am the one that sees a brighter tomorrow no matter how many clouds are above me.  I am the one that pushes everyone forward.  And it can get exhausting.

Maybe that was what the dream was about.  If you listen to the words to the song you can see that it is all about finding a way to realize your dreams.  It is about finding a way to carry on.  “So when you feel like hope is gone, Look inside you and be strong”  “Lord knows, Dreams are hard to follow, But don’t let anyone, Tear them away, Hold on, There will be tomorrow, In time, You’ll find the way”  

I have been feeling the weight of my load a bit lately.  Then the dream came and today is a new day.  I know that in the end, I will be okay.  My family will be okay.  There are just things we have to go through.  This life we live is filled with trials and lessons and triumphs and joys.  To appreciate the good, we have to have the bad.  Big bads and little bads.  But I promise you, if you work through it you will come out the other side.  Once you get there, what you do with the experiences that you had along the way is up to you.  You can either learn from them or you can discard them.  I hope that you learn from them.

My lesson for today is just to keep going.  I know I will get there.  I know my dreams are within reach…the big ones and the little ones.  Your dreams are there too…just waiting for you to get there.  Don’t give up.  The ride is definitely worth the destination.  Have a great day today and I am going to leave you with a couple of shots this morning.  Talk to you soon!


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