Dear Abby

I’m driving to work right now, and dictating this into my phone. It’s amazing how much technology there is today. Five years ago, 10 years ago this never would’ve been possible. But here I sit in my nice warm truck talking to all of you. Sometimes I really really yearning for a simpler time. I remember when I was growing up my grandma would read the newspaper. Most people did those days. And one of the columns that I would take the time to read even as a younger child, was dear Abby.

Now, I’m pretty sure everybody has heard of dear Abby. Well, maybe not this younger generation. So, if you have not ever heard of dear Abby I will just summit up. Dear Abby was an advice column. Average people would write in that they had some sort of problem, they would describe the problem to Abby, and if it was a good problem more than one that she thought a lot of people might have, Jude published in the paper and publish an answer. The answers and the questions range from everything from etiquette to marital problems. But Abby always had an answer. And, looking back, I think most of the answers were actually common sense.  The answer is also involved manners, and a standard of living that unfortunately we no longer adhere to.

Driving time for me, is thinking time. And random thoughts just kind of run through my head. And as I was thinking about one particular problem when the thought popped into my head, I wonder what dear Abby would say. She usually add an answer of some sort. And then that thought led me to wonder what dear Abby would say about the way society is today. Obviously, there are no manners. Obviously, we really don’t care about how her actions affect others. Obviously, we really don’t care if we hurt one another. I think dear Abby would be shaking her head. There are other things too. Dear Abby gave cleaning tips, tips about how to see people at formal dinners, and answers to other questions that should be kind of important, but we no longer care about.

I really don’t know what happened to dear Abby, and since I’m driving I can’t research it for you. But, there are days when I think the world could use her advice. Maybe we should go back to wondering what kind of gifts to give someone for what occasion, and what to do with leftovers, and how to clean our pots and pans. Maybe that would mean that we were actually caring about our lives. Maybe we should go back to wondering, how we should treat others. That would probably be a good place to start to get us back on track. Maybe we need dear Abby to give us a heaping spoonful of advice. 

If she could see the world today, I’m not so sure that she would actually offer any advice.   Maybe we are too far gone. No, I refuse to believe that. I’m pretty sure that Abby would have some advice. I’m pretty sure, that if we asked for advice, maybe even from one another, We could fix the problems in our society. I really don’t think that they’re all that bad. I don’t think that they are insurmountable. I know that we can fix them.  We just have to work together.

I hope you will forgive my rambling today, and my reminiscing. Almost to work now, so I’ll talk to you another day. I hope each and everyone of you have an amazing day today. Talk to you later


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