Adventure Lost

I don’t have time for a long post this morning, but I did want to say that Sterling and I had our first night time adventure yesterday.  We went to Canton, Mississippi because we had heard that their Christmas lights were something to see.

You see, when I grew up in the Amana Colonies in Iowa that is what my grandparents and I did.  We all loaded up in the car and went to see the lights.  And let me tell you, back then even there were those that went all out and the lights were amazing.  Of course there was always the backdrop of snow and a pine tree or two as well, but I remember driving by the lights and thinking how beautiful they were.  I was hoping to find that again with my son last night.


I didn’t get the lights that I was expecting, and the atmosphere was not what I was expecting, but that doesn’t mean it was bad.  It just wasn’t what we were looking for.  In the end, our last adventure this year in Mississippi didn’t end up being about the place, it ended up being about us being together.  My son and I took our last trip, even though he didn’t feel 100% we still enjoyed one another’s company.  We were still together.  It is another memory that we can save and share.  Our next adventure will be in Michigan and that is always good.  I have to say that this year has been something. I really want to reflect on that more later.  I have to run off to work now, but I just wanted to say that if you have someone that you love, remember that it is the journey sometimes that matters more than the destination.  Even not so spectacular memories are worth keeping.  You never know, those might be the ones that stay with you the longest.

I hope each and every one of you have an amazing day and I will write more soon!



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