I am sitting in my little house right now watching it snow.  The guys are gone riding and it is just me and the dogs.  it is quiet and I can hear the clock ticking as I type this.  I enjoy times like these.  Kind of a rest from the world.

It is really the perfect day for the boys and their dad to go riding.  The temperature is somewhere around 22 or so and the “real feel” is about 7.  We are getting snow and are under a Lake Effect Snow Advisory.  They should have good riding today.  As for me, well, as soon as they left I dressed for the snow and headed for the Lake.  When I am here, I love to walk around Ontonagon and see what sorts of pictures are waiting for me.  Will it be waves?  Will it be woods?  Houses?  I never know but I won’t know unless I get out there.  Today I walked 4.2 miles and there were pictures waiting for me.  The only ones that escaped me were the two really fat squirrels that were teasing me from up a tree.  I missed them.  Otherwise I think it was a good day.  Another good thing was that there really wasn’t a lot of editing to do, I think I am liking this new camera.

Now, I am typing this as Atlas snores.  I am wrapped in a blanket and watching it snow.  I am going to have a pizza from Syl’s for supper and life is good.  There isn’t much more anyone could really ask for.  I hope each of you find a nice simple day to relax and do something that you truly enjoy soon.  Until then, here are a couple shots from my walk today.  I hope that you enjoy them.


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