Today should have been a good day to go riding on the snowmobiles.  I knew it when I woke up.  I knew the temperatures would be a little better and there was a little more snow than yesterday.  Since we are on vacation we woke up as late as Felix would allow and began our day.  My husband wanted to wash his truck so after he came back Sterling said that Rod and I should go out for a ride.

Let me just say that I get nervous on the snowmobile.  I don’t ride a lot and that makes me a poor rider.  Often I make mistakes and get into situations that I need help getting out of.  When the boys go it is ok, for some reason they can make me laugh at myself and it is okay.  Also, last year when I rolled the snowmobile and the first words out of my husband’s mouth were not, “Are you ok?” I have had even more nerves.  At any rate, I don’t like riding.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the scenery.  I LOVE jumping over small hills and I LOVE the photo opportunities.   And I LOVE my husband and that means that I will end up on the snowmobile.  I will most likely have a good time, but I will be fighting nerves the entire time.  I am guessing that if I had grown up doing it or if I rode more than once or twice a year it would be different.  As it is, I will go with my family because it is something that they enjoy.

At any rate, Rod spent the day watching a movie with Sterling and I went for a walk to the Lake with Felix.  To his credit, my husband did not push me because he knows that I will eventually come around to going on my own and in my own time.  He knows that I am always scared of things but when it comes down to it I do it.  I guess that is part of what life is about…taking chances and making new experiences.  Do I like snowmobiling, not so much.  Will I continue to do it…yes, because I love my family and they love the sport and they love it when I come along.  (I secretly think that they like the comic relief…I do tend to get into some funny to them situations.)  Next week sounds like a good time to go, I think there is going to be a nice sunny, (and cold) day.  We will see.

Since I didn’t get any photos of riding today, I will show you some of my walk.  I never get tired of that Lake!




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