Walking With Sterling

What a lazy day!   Sometimes those are the kinds of days that you need, and I guess New Year’s Eve is as good a day as any to have a lazy day.  No one got overly excited about going anywhere and with football games to be watched, I saw a lot of clock watching going on.  I did get a chance to take a walk to Lake Superior with Sterling.  Walks with Sterling are always good.

We started the walk with a disagreement about shoes.  He didn’t want to wear boots and I didn’t want his feet to get cold and wet.  We had to agree to disagree.  One good thing about the relationship I have with Sterling is that we can get mad at each other and still find our way back to even ground pretty quickly.  He is also the only one that can tell me when he thinks I am wrong without me taking it wrong or getting too upset.  He makes me look at things differently and that is good.  We walked to the Lake and even though the freezing rain/sleet/snow was hitting him in the face he humored me while I took photos of the gorgeous whitecaps today.  I love that boy.

On our way back, we chatted about what 2017 will bring and what adventures we will have as well as looking ahead to his senior year in 2 short years.  All in all it was a great walk, as all of them are.  Walking with Sterling was a great way to end my 2016.  Tonight we will stay up until midnight and ring the New Year in together like we always do.  I don’t know what the future holds for me or my family but I do know that this year anyway I will be walking into the future with Sterling, Spencer and Rodney and I couldn’t be happier.

Happy New Year Everyone!  Until next time here are a couple of shots from my walk today.


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