Happy New Year

Well, it is officially 2017.  Today is a clean slate.  Today we all have the power to change our year for the better, or for the worse.  We can actually make the changes any day, but for some reason the beginning of a new year seems special to us.  We make resolutions, myself included.  Most of us don’t keep them, but we try.  This year I am going to be stubborn and actually keep the resolutions that I have made.  One of the resolutions that I have made is to live every day fully.  If you really think about that it is something that you have to make a commitment to do each day.

Most of us go through life not really seeing the world around us.  Most of us go through life not taking chances.  Most of us leave so much life unlived.  I don’t want to do that anymore.  My adventures with the boys have taught me that I don’t want to do that.  I want to have the experiences that life throws my way.  I want to fully immerse myself in this journey called life.  Today, for the first day of 2017 I did just that.  I made sure that I took my walk to the Lake and found the pictures that were waiting for me there.  I ended up walking almost 5 miles today in 28° weather.  I saw amazing waves and snowdrifts and ended up talking to a man from Minnesota.  I smelled wood smoke, hamburgers and snap chatted with my brother.  I followed a nature trail, tromped through a snowdrift and climbed over a tree.  I’d say my walk was filled with adventure.  I am embracing life…we only get one chance at it.  In fact, tomorrow I am going to go riding snowmobiles with Rod and Sterling again.  Hopefully that will go well too.

I did have other resolutions, and most of them including me working on me, but the others include trying to be a more patient person, blogging daily and actually doing something with my photos.  We will see how that goes as well.  With anything you change one day at a time.  I hope that each of you begin 2017 with new determination and that your year brings you everything you could possibly ask for.  Until next time, here are a couple of shots from my walk today.



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