As I sit here in my little house up North, supper is cooking in the oven and I have no idea where Rod and Sterling are.  They left for a ride around 3:30 this afternoon and I took off for a walk to the Lake.  Spencer has been keeping to himself the entire time we have been here, so it is no great surprise that he did not want to go with either Rod and Sterling or me.  We have asked him repeatedly to be involved with whatever we are doing, but he always says no.  I am guessing that he is getting ready for when he moves out and it will be easier on him if he can say how much he didn’t like it at home anyway.  I have just been trying to not let it hurt me, but as we all know that is easier said than done.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this subject, but I will say that I never thought he would ever act like this.  I never thought I would have one of those spoiled teenagers that are so disrespectful to their parents.  The ones that no one can believe are acting the way they are acting.  I will say that I still hope he will come back around.  I hope… At any rate.

My walk to the Lake was cold today.  We are supposed to get up to 2′ of lake effect snow by the weekend so I am guessing that the wind that was blowing so fiercely on the shore is bringing it in.  The wind stung as it hit my cheeks but I would not have turned away from it for anything.  The raw power of that lake will always speak to me.  I mean, how can my problems be anything at all when there is such a thing as Lake Superior out there?  I am so small in the grand scheme of things.  I am one of the grains of sand that line the beach in some grand plan. The things that irritate or stress me are so very small.  No job is worth stressing over, nor are the people that work there.  If I am meant to be there I will be, if not…well there is that too.  My son will find his path eventually.  All I can do is ask that I be included in his path.  I pray for that often enough.  The waves were strong today and reminded me in a way of life, sometimes it comes smoothly along and sometimes it crashes against the shore.  In the end everything smooths out.

I often think that this blog has a mind of it’s own.  Yes, it is mostly about adventures, but sometimes I guess things need to be written.  I often start writing about one thing only to have it morph into another.  Today nothing else would be written except what I have written today.  I intended to write about the power of Superior, just not in this way.  I wanted to write something poetic about the waves and the wind…I guess my mind is not a poet today.  Anyway, I did enjoy a nice cold walk and it did put things into perspective.  I think we all need that from time to time.  So, for today, I hope that you all can find perspective in your own lives.  I hope that your problems do not seem bigger than they actually are.  I hope that you know that if you keep moving forward, things will work out as they are meant to.  I hope you all know that even if we are small in the grand scheme of things, we all play a very important part.  You could be that powerful wave crashing on to the shore of your own life…it is all in your perspective.

Until I talk to you again, here are a couple of shots from today.


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