Last Ride

Well, today was most likely my last ride for the winter.  I don’t think I did too bad, I mean I think I put on about 435 total miles.  On a snowmobile.  In the cold.  Today I think when we left the house the temperature was 4 degrees and felt like -7.  Anyone who has ever known me knows that I really don’t like cold weather…well I didn’t anyway.  We put another 75 miles on today, but…the sun was out, until it got dark anyway.  Today was probably the first sunny day I have seen since I have been here.  It was so nice to see.  Anyway, Rod decided that he wanted to take a ride around 3:00 this afternoon, and at first I was not going to go, but then I thought about how it would most likely be our last day to ride together and said sure.

We started out and, of course, I got stuck about 5 minutes from the house.  And I got stuck really good.  I guess if you are going to do something, make sure that you do it right.  Although, I could have done without that.  In the end I guess it is all part of it.  I know the three of us had to work together to get it unstuck.  After that, we stopped to take some photos in the fresh powder…I did not play in the powder, I had already been stuck and found I didn’t like it very well.  I also just love watching them play.  They just look…free.  It is almost a dance the way they throw the machines around.  I know it isn’t easy, even though they make it look that way.  I really enjoy watching them.  In fact I missed some of the best pictures today because 1.) I was watching and (to a lesser degree) 2.) because my hands were too cold.  There were some amazing shots that I get to keep just for me.  However, the part of the day that my family will remember had to be found on a hill somewhere on a trail in the middle of nowhere…or somewhere.

We had stopped to take a couple of shots of the trail nearing sunset and Rod told Sterling to take his snowmobile and park it on a hill so that I could get a couple shots of it.  Once I had done that he said, “Why don’t you go up there and I’ll take a picture of both of you.”  Well, since I am usually the one behind the camera I thought this was a great idea.  Pictures were taken and then things began to enter the realm of not great ideas when Rod said, “Sterling, why don’t you give your mom a ride down the hill.”  And of course I accepted.  Well, I can tell you that those few minutes seemed to pass very quickly and also in slow motion.  At first everything was ok, then Sterling gunned it going down the hill.  As we began moving rapidly forward, my rear end began heading off the sled.  At one point I am sure that there was nothing but air between my rear and the snow.  Somehow I kept myself from flying off the sled and the entire time, Rod is snapping pictures.  When we got home and saw them on the computer they both began to laugh so hard.  At any rate, in case you need a laugh as well, I have included one for your review.


I don’t think that I will ever forget that ride.  Actually, I hope I never forget this day.  We had a great day all in all and I know that there is no one I would have rather spent it with.  If this was my last ride of the year, it was a good one.  I can say that I pushed my limits this year, I tried new things, I spent time with the people that I love, I saw amazing things, and I rode over 435 miles on a snowmobile.  Now I need to keep living each day fully for the rest of the year.  I think I am off to a pretty good start.

I hope each of you had an amazing day.  I hope each of you had the kind of day that you will remember fondly in the years to come.  As Rod said tonight, “You can’t buy memories like this.”  I hope you all made that kind of memory today.  Until next time, here are a couple more shots from today.  Talk to you again soon!


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