Well, it’s Sunday. I should be going on an adventure today, but I’m not quite sure how that’s going to work. It always seems like it takes some time after you get back from a vacation to get back into the swing of things. As for me, I spent the week getting back into the swing of work. There were some changes there. I moved from finance manager (I was really only manager in title, I didn’t manage anything.) back to sales. I think it’s a good move, because as much as I tried, the finance manager thing was just not my cup of tea. And if I’m going to go somewhere, I need to make money to do it. So, my work attitude has been amazingly better this week. So that’s a good thing. But, it’s still getting back into the swing of it.

As far as home, there are still things to be unpacked, laundry to be done, the big house cleaning to do, and tubs to take down to the shop and put away. Rod left for Baton Rouge on Wednesday, and he won’t be back till next Wednesday and then he’s heading off back to Michigan on Thursday. Lucky dog!  There’s also the matter of getting things ready for tax season. I have to get all of the information on the subcontractors ready for the accountant. That is never a small feat. So, not exactly sure what today is going to bring.

Life is still pretty much normal at home. Spencer and his girlfriend are in unit, and Sterling doesn’t zone thing, Rod goes to work, and then there’s me. I’m actually on the way to pick up Sterling from spending the night at a friends house. We were going to head down to the Mississippi Grand Canyon, and hopefully will still get to do that today but, I do have to get a little bit of work in. 

I talked about resolutions before, and one of them has been to lose weight of course. Another has been to blog daily, even if it’s short. So, I guess I’ll start that starting today. It’s a good thing not to start everything at once, because if you can’t keep a resolution in the first week you’re not likely to keep it. So, I’ll start that today. Another was to adventure every Sunday. Well, I don’t think every Sunday’s going to work, but you can expect more Sunday adventures this year with me and hopefully both boys. Maybe even Morgan too. Whether they’re huge adventures are short adventure is part of living life fully is Sunday adventures. It might be a crazy life, but it’s my life. And I really wouldn’t have it any other way. There are days when I am totally stressed out, and there are days when everything just Rolls along on an even keel. I guess every life’s like that, and hopefully yours is full of adventures, and memories that you can make with your family. Since I’m dictating this from my iPhone, I’m going to share with you a picture of Michigan. Gosh that was a fun trip and I look forward to the next trip that I make up there. Until then, I hope you have many adventures, and I know I’m going to try to have as many adventures as I possibly can. Until tomorrow, have an awesome day

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