I know you all know that my boys are getting older. It’s kind of one of the reasons that I started this blog, to document our Sunday adventures. Well, yesterday was Sunday, but unfortunately there was no adventure. Well, not for me anyway. My husband owns his own business, and so I had to finish getting the tax stuff ready. Every year I put it off, and every year I have to do it at the end.  There’s just something about entering in receipts and filing that I just don’t care for. I don’t mind doing the invoices, and I don’t mind any of the other, just the entering in and filing, just not my thing. So, I got part of it done the important part, and the rest of it will just have to wait. I did have to go pick up Sterling from a friends house, and I got a little lost getting there.  But that’s actually kind of normal for me.

Spencer asked if Morgan could come over, and then asked his brother if he go-getter. His brother, being nice did. He didn’t even take the money that his brother offered to pay them for fuel. Then, Sterling had a few friends come over and they shot some skeet. Among those friends were two girls. His one friend, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend sister. Now the sister, I think, kind of like Sterling. They’ve been friends for a while. She’s the friend that he went to spend the night at. Apparently her parents have a cabin on a lake near here, and Sterling’s friend And this girl invited him over. Girls are becoming a more prevalent feature in the lives of my boys. Not sure how I quite feel about that. I know it’s going to happen, my boys are handsome and smart and funny, and they’re good boyfriend material I think. I just don’t know if you’re ever ready for the girlfriend to come over and be a more permanent fixture.  Spencer and Morgan have been together for over a year now, and Sterling had a girlfriend you broke up with them, and now seems to be well on his way to another. It’s nothing that I don’t want for him, but at the same time it’s a little bittersweet. Especially considering that tomorrow my youngest child will turn 16 years old.

When you think about it, I have been the only woman in his life for 16 years. I’ve had all his attention, and now it gets split. He does a good job of spreading his attention around, better than his brother does, but it’s still a little sad. I want nothing but the best for my boys and I want nothing but their happiness. At the same time girls, are just a harder pill to take. Like I said I’m not stupid and I know it’s going to happen. Eventually, I want them to find a girl that they can settle down with and raise a family with. I just didn’t expect the Time to come so quickly.  At the end of the day, all I can do is hope and pray that they will always make time for me. It sounds a little selfish I know, but I’m sure every mother out there can relate to that statement. No one wants their baby to leave the nest, and everyone hopes that there baby has a spot always in their heart for their mom. So, I guess I’m at that time and that place, and getting really close to that crossroads. I have a little more time, and I’m going to make the most of it. In fact, Sterling wants to go up to Tupelo this coming Sunday as kind of a birthday treat, and visit Elvis Presley’s birthplace and everything else Tupelo has to offer. Should be a pretty good adventure.

I guess for now, I’ll find a way to live with the girls. No matter what girl it is, I just have to support the choices my boys make and let them know that I love them. It’s all I can do. Until tomorrow, I hope you have a Great day. And again I’m dictating this from my phone, so here are a couple shots from Michigan and the snow.

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