Beginning another journey together

Last night, Sterling and I began another journey together. He had asked for a membership to a gym for Christmas, for his birthday, for anything really. That Boy does love to work out. So, for his birthday that is what his dad and I  got him. I am now locked into a one year contract with the gym close by, and, they were having a buy one get one free special so there you go. I got a membership for myself as well. Now, I have been working out at home often on for several years. I have always wanted to be fit. A lot of people will say that there’s nothing wrong with the shape that I am, but since people are always hardest on themselves, I will beg to differ.

Last night, when I got home, we changed clothes, got dressed and headed into town. He and I walked into the gym after hours, and there were people there. I was actually surprised by how many people were actually there after the gym closed. It was one of those that has 24 hour access. The whole purpose behind us going so late, was so that hopefully there wouldn’t be that many people there and we could wander around and kind of make a game plan with what we were going to do. Well, as with most plans this one did not go according to the plan we had laid out. There were people there. So, we just kind of jumped in and haphazardly worked out arms and abs.  We ended up getting a good workout, probably not in the best way possible, but we worked out. I have since looked online and found us a really good workout plan, so we can begin following it starting tonight or Monday.  

I have worked out in a gym before, but never with someone. And working out with Sterling, is a totally new experience for me. It was fun, and he pushed me to do more than I thought I could. I know that the first night, you don’t do a whole lot, and he and I both knew that we didn’t push ourselves to our absolute  maximums. But, it was all about getting familiar with the gym. It’s a different kind of journey that were on now. But, I am really glad that it’s one that he is willing to take with me. I actually asked him last night if it was weird working out with his mother. We were doing abs at the time, and he looked over at me, smiled, and said no not at all. I know that even if it was, he probably wouldn’t admit it, but I know that what he said is true. He didn’t mind spending time in the gym with his mother. I don’t think that’s something that a lot of 16-year-olds can say. Most of them try to get away from their parents as fast as they can.  Once I am reminded how blessed I truly am. I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time with him. I know that every workout won’t be with him, but it is something that he wants to do. I know that he will probably go directly there after school once he gets his drivers license and work out with his friends, and that’s OK. I’ll just work out at night, and he says maybe he’ll go back with me and do is cardio. On the other hand, he said he may just wait for me, so he doesn’t have to burn his gas. Go figure. 

On this new journey, we get to actually get healthy, and I get to Watch the determination that my son has. We get to hang out in a different environment, and hopefully I’ll be able to buy a new bikini this summer. I hope that each of you get to do something unexpected with someone that you normally wouldn’t do whatever it is with. I hope you get to learn something new about someone that you love, and I hope you get to spend time with them.  I’m on my way to work again, so I’m dictating this into my phone. I need to take some new pictures, and fully expect to do that this weekend. So, until then, here’s another picture from a previous adventure that you may or may not have seen before. I will talk to you again soon


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