Fresh start

Yesterday, at work we watched the inauguration. I think it’s a good thing. And it made me think about lots of other things. I think everything is going to be different, I think the things that we as a people have gotten used to are going to change. And I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing. I mean, I have this friend, who has to deal with a scumbag at work all the time. This guy propositions her and makes sexual comments to her all the time and it’s not right. But, it’s hard to do anything about it because she needs her job, and this guy has been there forever.  In other words he’s connected. Doing something the same way all the time, and following the same rules whether they’re written or unwritten can be a good thing. Sometimes however, it can lead to things like this scumbag guy. I think sometimes there’s a need for A fresh start.

I am constantly starting something fresh. I am constantly trying to see things from other people’s point of view. I am constantly trying to learn something new, and give people a chance. A lot of times, when I give people a chance I am disappointed. However, sometimes that fresh start leads to amazing things. Sometimes I find amazing friends, sometimes I find opportunities that I wouldn’t have found, and sometimes I make spectacular memories. Every day that I wake up is a fresh start. Each day is a brand-new slate that I get to write the story of. Of course other people contribute to the story, and not always in good ways. However, at the end of the day it’s me who has the final say on what my story will be. I can either let things bother me, or I can see the good in whatever situation is happened to me at the time. I think most of the time I try to choose the good. Sometimes, I do get grumpy, and I guess we could say bitchy. However, I try not to let it last very long.  I think everyone gets that way, it is human nature. For example last night at the gym, Sterling got really grumpy. His squat wasn’t as much as it was when he was working out at school, and he got mad at himself which made him mad at everything else. So we had a minor tiff. It was short-lived, and taught us each something. And then we went on, and we laughed about it and it was over. These kind of things happen all the time.

As far as the inauguration went, the only thing I will say, is that this president is another fresh start. I think everyone needs to give him a chance no matter what you believe. The people that were rioting, and burning things, that’s just stupidity. Burning things never proves to be a good solution to anything. I just don’t know what else to say about that. My friend Randy has a sign hanging above his toolbox that says you can’t fix stupid. Unfortunately, I think there’s some truth in that and I think that there are more stupid people in this world then there was even 10 years ago. And I don’t mean someone that doesn’t know something, that would be ignorance, which is totally forgivable. No, I mean stupidity. Just knowing  better, but doing something either hurtful or damaging or wrong all the same kind a like scum bag guy. I, would like to do something really stupid to scum bag guy but I know that it is wrong and therefore since I’m not a stupid person I choose not to. I certainly wish that my friend would. But, the way the world is I know that that won’t happen. The scumbag guys of the world get away with stuff until someone puts a stop to it. And sometimes all scumbag guys of the world understand is violence. So maybe, all the stupid people like scum bag guy will finally leave the rest of us alone because they are going to fear the repercussions. All of the folks that are robbing people, and all of the politicians that are taking advantage of people and all of the men that take advantage of women and all of the women that take advantage of men. Maybe this fresh start is the fresh start that puts an end to the stupidity of the world. Well, maybe not we’ll just have to see how it goes, but I can hope. 

Well, anyway I didn’t mean for this to be a rant. I  am looking forward to my fresh start today. I hope that each and everyone of you come to view each day is a fresh start and live each day to the fullest  that you possibly can. I hope that when you wake up each day you see a day filled with possibilities. I know I do.

It’s raining here again, so I don’t really have any fresh pictures for you. So here are a couple again that you may or may not have seen I’ll talk to you again soon

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