Adventures with Felix

Most of you have probably heard about my little dog Felix. He’s a little Yorkie, and he is absolutely hilarious. Well, last night I decided to take him down to the chickens with me. Now Felix always goes with me to do the chickens, and it’s usually not a big deal. Unfortunately, there are some rats that live in my chicken coop. I have not had that for the time personally to go and kill them, so they are still living there. Maybe it’s a Yorkie thing, or maybe Felix thinks that they are relatives of the squirrels that he hates so much in Michigan, but Felix thinks that he is the rat killer extraordinaire.

Again, usually this does not present a problem. So far, Felix has not killed one rat. Which is a good thing, because I don’t want him to get bit, and I really don’t want him to have dead rats in his mouth, that’s just disgusting. And then I would have to clean him up and give him a bath and it would just be a whole long process. Now, I would appreciate him killing the rats, but I just don’t want him getting in a fight with a rat. Probably silly, but that’s just how I feel. So, usually what happens is the rats scatter, and Felix goes in there and is sniffing around and barking and pushing chickens out-of-the-way, and that’s the end of it. Then we close up the chicken coop, and we head back up to the house. But, unfortunately last night Felix had other ideas. Somewhere in his little doggy brain, or perhaps it was in his little doggy nostrils Felix got the idea that he needed to climb under the chicken coop because there had to be rats under there. OK, now mind you it’s dark out, and chickens have been out around the chicken coop all day, so there is chicken poop around the chicken coop.  Now, my little dog who I just gave a bath to not even two hours before, is underneath the chicken coop. My chicken coop is a portable building. It’s been there probably for him in two years at least. During that time, dirt has washed down so you cannot see under it on all sides anymore. You can only get under it on one. Full side, and a part of another. And there are floor joists under there as well. So here I am, out in the dark, dog, barking underneath the chicken coop, with a flashlight and one egg. I get down, actually squat down, and try to see Felix underneath of there just in time to watch him scamper over the floor joist and now he starts barking like something is wrong. Of course, I start having a friggin cow.

Now I am in the dark with a flashlight kneeling in chicken poop trying to dig with my hands to get the little dog out. The entire time I am absolutely certain that a rat is trying to eat my dog. At one point I’m shoveling dirt out of the way when what appears right next to my head, but a rat!

By now, I am in full panic mode. So, since I can hear my other dog having an absolute conniption up at the back door, I head up the hill, let the dog in, see my husband standing on the back porch doing absolutely nothing but talking on the phone, and head to the shop for shovel. Once I have the shovel, then he decides that he’s going to insert himself into the situation in the most unhelpful way.    Leaving him alone, I head down and dig out a section of dirt so that I can see underneath chicken coop I cannot see the dog anywhere. So, I had around to the end of the chicken coop and there he is probably a foot from my reach, so I quietly call him, and his little nose begins to work overtime, and when he gets close enough I grab him!  I smell to see if he smells like chicken poop, he does not actually which is a good thing. So I carry him up to the house, make sure again that he doesn’t smell like chicken poop and tell him the entire way how worried I had been about his little ornery but. I deposit him in the kitchen, strip off my clothes in the laundry room, and  make my way to the shower so that I can wash the crazy adventure and the perfume of chicken poop off of me. Note to self, Felix does not get to go down and help me with chickens anymore!

I hope each and everyone of you have an amazing day today, and I hope that it doesn’t involve kneeling or putting your hands or head in chicken poop!! 😂😂😂

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