Sometimes, I still stop and I am just amazed at the connections in life. You may meet someone, and think that it’s random, but then it turns out that they know someone that you know and they know someone that you or  your mother knew and on and on and on. Or, it will happen that you will meet someone, and never see them again and then there are other people that you meet and they come back into your lives for whatever reason.

I had two experiences with connections like these today at work. The first was a man and a woman who had known each other for years, and knew that they liked each other, but the timing was never just right. Either he was dating someone or married, or she was dating someone or married and they just never got together. 20 years later, there they were, seeing each other, and they looked so very happy. So there’s that kind of connection, and then there’s the connection where someone that you meet wanders back into your life again. And that happened to me personally today. I work used to be owned by someone else, and I have worked for both the old owner and the new owner. Well, the previous owner came walking in Today. Now I have always respected this man. I have always enjoyed talking to him, and he has lots to talk about. This man has lived an amazing life. He came back in today, and I got to have one of those rare conversations where he imparted some of his experiences to me and luckily for me, work  was pretty slow so I got to spend time with someone that I actually admire.

I think when you work for someone that you admire, and respect, you can understand that they have good points and bad points. No matter how bad the bad points may or may not be, if you truly admire them you might be able to understand why they do the things they do. And if that’s the case, then when you get to see them again it will always be an experience that you relish. I truly admire this man and his wife, they built several businesses by hard work. They were good to their employees. Now, as an employee, nothing is ever perfect. I don’t care if you have your dream job. There was always something that you don’t like.  And that may or may not be the fault of the owner. It just is.  Any issues I had I honestly don’t blame the previous owners. Maybe some of them were my own making, and maybe some were outside forces, and maybe some were business decisions, and maybe some were other things. At the end of the day, they’re just people. Just like me. They make decisions, and they have to live with them.  Only when you own a business, your decisions affect lots of people’s lives. Not only the lives of your employees, but the lives of their families, the lives of your customers, the lives of the people that sell you things and their families. Again, there are those connections. We’re all in some way or another connected to each other.

Since were all connected, and since we all kind of rely on one another, then maybe we should start trying to be nicer to each other. Maybe people should stop trying to do things in an unethical way. Maybe people should stop stealing, and burning, and killing, and just taking advantage of other people. In the end, if you really think about it when you do those things, you’re really only hurting yourself by hurting someone else.

OK, that was maybe a little bit deeper than I should’ve actually gone. However, it’s what I was thinking. At the end of the day, I got to walk away from my job today with a nostalgic smile on my face. I got to say goodbye one more time to a man that I admire and respect. A good man. And that makes me happy. At the end of the day I got to see  someone that Came into my life for some reason that’s still unknown to me. And that’s OK, obviously our purposes in each others lives aren’t quite done yet. 

I hope each of you have a wonderful rest of your weekend. I’m heading home to spend some time with my family. And while I’m there, hopefully I can strengthen those connections just a little bit stronger. Take care until next time, and I’ll talk to you soon. 

Here are a few shots you may or may not have seen. 

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