It’s funny how people perceive things in different ways. Yesterday, I wasn’t having the best day in the world. Sterling was sick, I had a long list of things to do, and it didn’t look like a Sunday adventure was in the cards for me.  I have been really stressed out at work, with Rod’s work, and of course with every day life.   At  any rate as I’m doing these things throughout the day, I was irritated I was concerned about Sterling. So, I didn’t speak to anyone really.  Spencer had asked me in the morning if I could go and get Morgan. I had told him no. I had too many things to do. It takes an hour to go and get her. Also, I’m still trying to teach him that if he lies to me there are repercussions. So, I haven’t gone to get him and I haven’t wanted to pick her up.

Needless to say, I’m pretty sure that this is the conversation in my son’s head: “OK, if I have Morgan’s mom bring her over, mom will just take her home because she won’t want to be mean. OK, I think that’s what I’ll do and will just pretend that mom was going to take her home.”  Pretty sure that’s how it went. I guess I can’t blame him, it’s worth a shot. But, I know that game and I wasn’t playing. As I said too much stuff to do. So, Morgan shows up. I have this feeling that I’m going to have to take her home.  And that is exactly, what they tried to do. Morgan got irritated, that her mom had to come and get her. Her mom knows, that I am not going to be picking Spencer up because he lied to me. I guess everyone thinks that I’m playing. I am not going to cater to them or how is there a lesson in there?  Anyway, I was  busy, and doing things, and really don’t speak to her all day. To be honest though, we really don’t speak a lot anyway. Every time I try and draw her out into a conversation, I get one word answers.  And believe me, for Spencer’s sake I have tried and tried to draw that girl into conversation. It just doesn’t seem to work.

Well, obviously she must’ve been in a mood, or she was picking up on my bad mood or something. Because, I was taking a minute, actually it was more than a minute I had time in between things I was trying to do, and I was actually trying to figure out which soaps I was going to purchase to put out there for sale on Facebook and in my fleamarket. As I’m sitting in the office, Spencer comes in and stands by me. OK, I know he’s about to say something, and I’m probably not gonna like it. The only time he hovers is when he want something. He never hovers just to talk. My son looks at me, and says, “mom, you haven’t said anything to Morgan all day. You could have talk to her. She thinks it’s pretty disrespectful of you not even say anything to her”. Can you imagine going from zero to extremely pissed off as fast as those words came out of  that boys mouth? If you can, I’m pretty sure that you know that a fight began after that.

Spencer and I smoothed everything over. After, that girl left. To be honest, today I am still reeling at the audacity of Morgan. She had my son go in  to my office in my house and tell me that I was being disrespectful. My son is missing his brain right now, it seems to be attached to Morgan’s hip, so he’s a whole Nother subject. However, Morgan was probably the most disrespectful that I have ever seen. And then, when she realized that Spencer and I were having an argument she stormed out of the house and slammed the door. When I later tried to talk to her, she turned and walked away.   So of course, I had to say, “Nice, I was simply trying to explain to you and you had to turn and walk away.”  Childish of me maybe, but clearly illustrating to her how disrespectful she was being. I just am not 100% sure what in the world goes on in her head. She never helps with dishes, she never offers to help at all, she never is the first one to say hello, yet I am disrespectful! I am still intensely irritated. But even more so, I am sad that my son has chosen this girl for his girlfriend. Only because she acts that way.  Maybe, I don’t handle myself in the best possible way. Maybe she had grounds for being upset. My grandma always told me, that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. And yesterday, since I was having a bad day anyway, I didn’t talk to anyone. Sterling was sick, I barely talked to Spencer, and I definitely didn’t talk to Morgan. Mainly, because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by saying something out of anger or irritation. Unfortunately, even though Spencer told her I was just that way she didn’t seem to understand and then proceeded to cause this whole big altercation. It makes me sad, that Spencer has a girlfriend that can’t understand other people have things going on too. Life is not all about her, or him, or you, or me. Everybody  has stuff going on. Everybody has good days, everybody has bad days, everyone gets sad, and hopefully everyone is happy. It’s just life. The way I deal with irritation, is to keep my mouth shut. When I don’t, I often find myself in trouble.

At the end of Sunday, I had no Sunday adventure. Not a good one anyway. I did learn a lesson though, make sure you say hello to Morgan when she walks in the door. By staying silent, apparently people view that as disrespectful. So, instead of being real and who you really are, I guess the lesson is that in today’s society it’s better to be fake. Honestly, I think that is one lesson that I’ll choose not to learn. And as for me being disrespectful, if I want to be disrespectful in my own house by not speaking to someone then I’m going to and teenagers, can just get the fuck over it.  I never intentionally set out to hurt anyone. I’m sorry if I do, but, maybe those same teenagers should look at who they are hurting.   Lord knows they have both broken my heart enough, and I have cried lots of tears over my son Spencer. In fact, poor Sterling got to see some of those tears again last night after all of this rigmarole.   And if they can’t, then they probably aren’t grown-up enough to have earned my respect yet. 

And any right, no Sunday adventure meant no pictures for you. So, again, here are a few that you may or may not have seen before from my Facebook page. I hope everyone has an awesome day, and I for one am going to strive to be more respectful towards teenagers.   

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