At the Gym

I don’t know how many of you are into fitness, but most of you know that my son and I go to the gym. I do a cardio dance DVD every morning, and we go to the gym three days a week. This is a recent development, so I really don’t expect huge gains or big results or anything like that. The gym that we go to, is almost like an old-time gym.  It’s actually more a powerlifting gym, than the gyms that you see on television with all of the equipment and the classes and where everything is in a nice line. It’s not like that. It has nice equipment, and it has classes, and It has a room devoted solely to cardio where they play a movie every night. It has a smoothie bar, and it also has a powerlifting team.

What all that means, is there are some pretty fit people in there. Now, to be totally fair, there are people that are not fit like me. There are people that are starting out, and there are people that look like they’ve been there forever. So, we were going every night. And my husband decided that that probably wasn’t such a great idea for us. He said that there were things that needed to be done at home. And he is right, I just didn’t want to admit it in all of my excitement about going back to the gym. So, I revamped the workout plan last week, and now I have a plan for us to go only three days a week. Last night was night one of the new plan. And remember, I only started going back to the gym probably last week.  The new plan includes less machines, and more free weights. And includes things like bench press, incline press, concentration curls, dumbbell curls, tricep dips, and abs. That was last nights workout. I probably missed something but you get the point. Ideally, we would’ve done benchpress first followed by incline press and down the line.  After we did our 10 minutes of cardio to warm up, we went downstairs, and there were some really strong people working out. And they were on the bench press. OK, we decided that we would just do incline presses first. So we did the incline presses. My son was pressing the bar and two plates of 25 pounds each. Or maybe 35, I don’t really remember. When it got to be my turn, I did the bar and two plates of 10 pounds each.  For those of you that don’t know, the bar weighs 45 poundswhich means, I was lifting 65 total pounds. We did four sets of 10 repetitions. And I didn’t get them all unassisted, but I did get them all.  Our next exercise should’ve been benchpress, but the bench was still busy. So we moved on to other things. That, was a huge mistake. By the time we got back to the bench, our muscles were very fatigued.

So my son, was pushing up the bar, and two 45 pound plates. When I got to be my turn, I stuck with the bar and two 10 pound baby plates. And let me tell you, I got five on my own, and then needed assistance on the first set! This was not how I expected things to go.

there I sat, in the middle of all these really strong people pushing up teeny tiny baby weights, and I can’t even get them up. We did all four sets of 10 repetitions. And each time, I had to have assistance. Sterling, who has done benchpress before, was unhappy with his weight so he was not in a good mood on the bench press.  now, not only am I am embarrassed about My weight, I was trying to make sure that I did not mess up the spotting of my son’s weight. And he was not happy. So, things did not go according to plan.  

After we left, he told me what a great work out it was. The new workout, really worked his muscles and mine, and he enjoyed it. In his way, he apologize for snapping at me. I definitely apologized for not knowing exactly how to spot him. I also shared with him how embarrassed I was at my baby weight on the bench press. He turned and looked at me, and he says,”but mom that’s OK you’re a girl”. OK! I’m a girl. LOL!  I had that one figured out. And I know he didn’t intend to be mean in any way. But now, I have to definitely get those weights up more than little teeny tiny baby weights. So, I will use increased vigor at the gym, and push harder, so that I can have a respectable weight  (for a girl.)  I had to laugh though, because his comment was rather funny.  

Going to the gym, is helping me achieve the goals that I have set for myself this year. Everyone has something that they’re trying to achieve, mine just happens to be being tone and fit. I think I’ll get there, my muscles are a little sore this morning, so that is a good sign that I am on the road towards that. I actually really enjoy working out. I especially enjoy working out with Sterling. I can put up with my baby weight, because I know that it is a steppingstone to the bigger picture. I hope everybody out there has an awesome day. I hope that whatever your stepping stone is, that you use it to build on today and tomorrow until you reach whatever goal it is that you’re shooting for.  Talk to you soon!

And by the way, here are a couple shots that you may or may not of seen before. The  one, is me after my cardio workout in the morning. I maybe I’ll be only lifting baby weight, but I’m definitely working! Have an awesome day!

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