Anger is a very funny thing. Sometimes it takes a long time to get angry, sometimes anger is hot and quick, and sometimes anger simmers and simmers just beneath the surface, each person is different and what angers one person another person may just take as the way it is. 

Sometimes, anger builds up over the years. And sometimes anger just happens. Whatever it is, I know that yesterday I was as angry as I probably have ever been. I won’t go into the why’s,  suffice to say it was red hot and if the person that caused it could’ve been there in that moment I probably would’ve done something I regretted. 

This leads me to the thought that people are just raised differently. What I consider a common courtesy, is seen as servitude to others. Let me give you a word of advice, common courtesy and manners are not servitude. If I cook you dinner, say thank you. If you are a guest in my house, and I cooked you dinner, ask me if you can help me clean the table. I’m going to say no, but the fact that you asked shows that you have good manners.  If I’m trying to discipline my children and you don’t agree with how I’m doing it shut up. They’re not your kids to raise. It’s not for you to understand whether I’m trying to teach a lesson or not or how I go about it.  And most of all, don’t ever call me stupid or sorry. Because I am not. I am actually generous, smart, giving, as long as you haven’t made me mad. And I think that goes for most people.  I think people get too wrapped up in trying to get their way, that they forget that there are other people in the world. People seem to have forgotten that manners don’t make you weak, actually manners show that you care about someone other than yourself. Also, let me just tell you people are different. How you handle something doesn’t mean that I show I would handle that same thing. If someone doesn’t speak to you, it doesn’t mean they’re being rude it simply could mean that they have a lot on their mind. Not everything is about you. These are life lessons that I hope at least someone will take to heart.

Oh, let me remind you that stupidity is contagious. If you hang around  stupid people pretty soon you’ll start acting like them. I think that goes for people that have no manners as well. I think today, my anger is on a simmer, it is there, but it’s not boiling yet. Maybe anger is better compared to an animal on a leash. Sometimes you have control of it, and sometimes it works really hard to control you. The key is never letting it get out of control. With mannerless people and people that don’t think about others it is Hard to control that anger. However, if I let my anger off its leash and let it run amok, then  people will be hurt. Mentally, physically whatever. And I don’t ever want to hurt anyone. So in the end, I get to be the grown-up, and Tamp The anger down and try and find some peace. Today I’m looking hard for that peace  And serenity. I know I’ll find it, because I want to. However, it’s a little bit more elusive today than usual.

I hope each of you find a peace and the will to hold onto your anger. I hope that whatever makes you angry stays at bay. I hope you don’t run into any manner less people, and I hope that serenity is right there in within your grasp.  I can see mine about 20 feet in front of me, it’s starting to move more slowly so I’m pretty sure I’ll catch it yet today. Until next time I hope everyone has a great day. 

By the way, here are a couple shots that you may or may not of seen before. I think I need May to study them because there is peace to be found within them. 

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