Just a little Monday night adventure

Adventures with Sterling come in all shapes and sizes. Some you want, some you don’t, and some just happen the way they’re supposed to happen. Most are unexpected, however there are some that we actually do plan. Last night was the unexpected kind.

Sterling has been doing work around the house so that he can earn extra money. That boy loves to run the skid loader. We have 17 acres, a pond, and all kinds of areas for him to clean up and use the skid loader on. It’s a kind of a larger bobcat, and it doesn’t have tracks on it right now.  So before I go any further or you also have to understand one thing about my awesome property; there are two spots on the property, where for whatever reason it likes to eat machines. Every machine we have and machines of other people have gotten stuck in these spots. Jeeps, bobcats, tractors, track hoes, trucks, dump trucks, four wheelers, dirt bikes, you name it it’s probably been stuck in one of these two locations. I’m not sure if the spots used to be  tar pits when the dinosaurs roamed the earth or if they just get offended by how far man has come technologically, but if you go anywhere near them you’re most likely going in. And apparently yesterday they reached out and sucked my son and the bobcat into their clutches.

And you also have to remember, that Rod is out of town. He is currently working in Baton Rouge. So, yesterday I got a call at work at approximately 5 o’clock. It was Sterling. He said “I’ve got the bobcat stuck.” I said, “do you need me to come home?”   And he said no he was just going to call his father. So, He called his dad and did what his dad suggested, and it didn’t work. So his next step, was to go and get the neighbor, who is an adult, and has a really big truck, and ask him to help him. Well, unfortunately the neighbors truck did not want to lock into four-wheel-drive. So, there he sat.

By this time, I’m guessing that it’s getting kind of dark. I haven’t heard from him and I have tried to call. So the next step he’d he made was to go and get his truck. He brought the truck down into the pasture, and tried to pull the bobcat out. Apparently the neighbor was still helping him, but they couldn’t get it out. Finally my son answered the phone. He was sitting on the tailgate of his truck in the pasture, with the bobcat still stuck. So, I headed home. I simply thought, that we could leave it and we couldn’t get it out in the morning. Or actually in the afternoon. My husband, Was none too happy with this but, he’s not here and he couldn’t really say a whole lot.  Besides, it was dark and things like this seldom work out after dark in my experience. 

I told Sterling that he should get changed and we just go to the gym and work out any frustrations. Because somehow, I suddenly got the blame for Sterling getting stuck. I understand that it was simply Rod’s frustration talking, but I wasn’t even home. I’m not quite sure how I got thrown under the bus for that one. Anyway, I got home, Sterling ate, we changed and got in the truck to head to the gym. About half a mile from the house I remembered that it was supposed to pour rain the next day. I looked at Sterling and I tol him it was supposed to pour tomorrow, and that meant we had to get that bobcat out tonight or we would be in trouble. Remember where the bobcat is stuck at. It’s stuck in the quicksand of the property. It’s stuck in the Lake Superior of the property, the place that never gives up it’s dead. Well, not without a fight at any rate. So, by now even though it’s dark, and it’s getting later, we turn around. Now things begin to get interesting.

Spencer had gone over to Morgan’s house after school. I was going to pick him up when I was done at the gym, they were bringing him to the gym I guess I should be more clear. So, I called Spencer and told him that he needed to find a ride home because I had to get the bobcat out.  Let’s just say, that that started a whole Nother brand of drama. All I’m going to say about that, is that I have never met a meaner and more spiteful and petty person in my life then my son’s girlfriend’s mother. It truly makes me sad for her. I hope that none of you ever run across anyone like that.

So in between dealing with her, and trying to get the bobcat out it became quite the ordeal. I had Rod on one phone, telling us what we should and shouldn’t do, Sterling in the bobcat and me with a shovel digging muck up to my knees and none of it’s working. We put dead trees underneath the wheels, dead trees under the bucket, nothing was working.  I know that I didn’t get to go to the gym, but I doggone sure got to work out. Between the blood pressure going up because of anger at the pettiness of others and all the digging that I did. That was my gym workout for the day.  Somewhere along the line, Rod had the idea that we should also try to use the come along. That was probably the worst idea in the history of ideas as far as this adventure goes. For those of you that don’t know, a come along is kind of like a ratchet strap. It has three hooks on it, and you ratchet a cable in. It gives you leverage when you don’t have a winch. We got to come along hooked up, we’ve got it all the way Rod told me that it was supposed to be. Sterling is in the bobcat, I’m winching in the come along. It gets to the point where it’s super tight and I’m having to really use my muscles to get it to go at all. So Sterling hopped out of the bobcat and decides to try and help me. I think that’s where we made a mistake, because then the cable on the come along broke. Luckily, the only thing that happened is Sterling got hit in the knee with the chain. But, that could’ve been so much worse. Right then and there, I decided we were done with stupid ideas.

As a last ditch effort, I decided that I would go and try the jeep. Now Sterling had told me, that the jeep wasn’t running, and he couldn’t get it started, but I thought nothing ventured nothing gained. I listened to what he had to say about it, went in and found some gas, and primed the carburetor. The jeep popped right off. Now mind you, it’s getting really close to midnight at this point. So, I take the rest of the gas put in the gas tank of the jeep and we’re off. You see, the jeep is what has gotten everything unstuck that’s been stuck. It has a winch on the front, and I can chain it to a tree on the back. So that is what we did. you have to remember that we don’t use the jeep a lot, so I didn’t even think to check the battery. Got everything all hooked up, everyone’s in position, we start winching and then the lights go out, and the winch won’t turn. The battery is dead. OK, by this time we know that the jeep runs, we know that we can probably get it out, and it’s really close to midnight. We take the battery up, put it on the battery charger, and decide that we’re done for the evening. We know we have to get The bobcat out in the morning, but we know that we can do that now. Well, we’re pretty sure. So we head it in and we go to bed.

The next morning, we thought we’d get to sleep in just a little bit, because we were tired of working in the dark. Rod, had other ideas. He started calling me at 6 o’clock in the morning. By the second call, I decided I didn’t want to deal with this anymore and so we got up. We got dressed, and we headed to the gas station to get some gas. Now, I’ll admit this to Rod a little bit later, Just not right now, but it was a good thing he actually did call. There was a huge line of storms coming in from Jackson that was supposed to be here in the afternoon only they were arriving about half an hour from when we were getting fuel. We knew, that if it got rained on, that bobcat was going to sit there until it dried. And this is the rainy season in Mississippi. So we had to hurry. We got the fuel, we grabbed the battery, and we set off. I shoveled out the rear tires and on the corner to break the suction while Sterling put the battery in the jeep. We were already hooked up, so he got in the in the bobcat, I got in the Jeep and we started it up. Fingers crossed, I hit the winch button. Slowly, but surely, she started to move. It was finally out!  We both breathed a huge sigh of relief as we hurried to put everything away before the storms hit. 

I guess the lesson in all of this, is that even if someone tells you that something is not working, make sure you check it yourself. Sterling learned never to go near those areas if it’s even remotely wet, I learned that some people are just stupid and petty and spiteful, and that I just shouldn’t deal with them, and also that adventure has a way of finding you whether you want it or not. Like I said, it might be a good adventure, it might be a bad adventure, but adventure will find you nonetheless. At the end of the day it’s out, nothings broken, Sterling is OK, and there are dirty machines all sitting in our shop and NOT in the pond. I’m heading to work in a rainstorm, and Sterling is at school. At the end of the day everything worked out just fine

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