Finally I got to get out and spend some time with Sterling exploring!  It was well needed.  I have been extremely tired and stressed and yesterday was almost like a reset.  Sometimes I think we really need those reset days.  I am not going to go in to all the places we went, because some of the stops were for an article I am writing for the newspaper.  Those stops I will share once the article publishes.  However we did end up driving out to a town called Kewanee to Simmons Wright Company.

The store was closed of course, but we did find our way to the back where the buildings and machinery from an old cotton gin still stand.  Those are the shots that I will share with you today.  The best thing about yesterday was that I got to spend time with Sterling.  On the way home we talked about how we need to squeeze as much adventure in the next two years as we can because he will be leaving me soon.  Spencer is, for all intents and purposes, gone.  He still lives with us but he would rather spend his time elsewhere.  Sterling still wants to spend time with us.  I will miss that when he too is gone.

Our day was not overwhelmingly exciting.  It was filled with history and it was filled with conversation and we made memories together.  As a day to reset, it was perfect.  Now we can both go back to taking part in the hectic world we live in.  If you can, find a time to reset.  Find time to slow down.  Life does pass all too quickly and if you blink you will miss it.  The times when you can slow down make you appreciate things so much more.  Now I have to go and immerse myself back into the world.  I do it today with a lighter heart than I have in the past little bit.  I had a great reset yesterday that I can carry with me until next time.  I hope you can too.

I hope that each of you have an amazing day today and I will talk to you soon!


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