Here’s just a little bit of poetry today. I hope you like it, that’s not the kind of thing that I do on a very regular basis. But, it just came to me.
Battered from both sides she’s torn between the storm of emotion, never being quite good enough, yet never failing. Still she stands, trying to make things work the best she can.

Battered from both sides, each side assuming that they are right, and neither side seeing that they are both wrong. She stands tall and she stands firm and slowly over time it begins wear her down bit by bit.

Battered from all sides, she stands tall. she stands amidst the roiling see of emotions. People constantly trying to cut her down, people trying to make her see that theirs is is the only way forward in the world. Never knowing, that meeting in the middle sometimes yields a new and better path.

Battered from all sides, she stands tall, until she can’t  stand anymore. And slowly, she slides out of sight never to be seen again. The once tall and proud lady, now nothing more than a memory.  the roiling seas of emotion that once battered her from all sides, now churn together into one boiling and bubbling cauldron of misguided emotion. And now, the owners of all the emotion realize that there never was any difference between their feelings and without her to batter, and without her to show them the way, must learn  that theirs is is not the only way. And now that she is gone they roam about directionless, not knowing how to come together. Now they realize, that what they once tried to batter and tear down was the one thing that was holding them together   She was their lighthouse, their  port in the storm that life can sometimes be   And now they realize too late, that instead of battering from all sides perhaps they should have been shoring up what they were trying to tear down

Battered on no sides, now she floats above it all nothing more than a memory. She watches those that used to batter and wishes them the best. Her heart, still cries for each and everyone of them. Her light, still tries to shine for them. Her memory, now nothing more than a calming wind across their fevered minds. Her memory, now nothing more than a ray of light illuminating the dark when needed. Battered on  no sides, she quietly slips off to sleep, And  dreams of the things that could have been

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