Today, after a lot of waiting, someone is finally coming to look at our house. So after a marathon cleaning session last night, because you know you have to wash the baseboards and you have to mop the floor, and you have to make sure that there’s not even one cobweb, someone is going to come and look at possibly purchasing our home this afternoon. Not quite sure how to feel about this. On one hand, I’m excited, it’s a new possibility. I mean, if this person purchases are home then we could go anywhere. We could build another house here, we could move to Iowa, we could move to our little house in Michigan. Anywhere we were at would be a fresh start.  On the other hand, we’ve lived in this house that we built to our specifications since 2006. There are lots of memories in this house and on that land. And if this person chooses to buy our house, then that’s all they would be, as memories.

I guess that’s really how life goes. You have to chart a course, go in a certain direction, and then whatever happens happens. I got tired of hearing Rod talk about selling the house, and so I made the decision and I put our house on the market. Then, time passed and we didn’t hear from anyone, and it kind of started to seem like well maybe it wasn’t going to sell.  And now, out of the blue someone’s coming to look. So, I may be going down a different road. I’m not sure. And the uncertainty while exciting, is also just a tiny bit scary. I do know, that Spencer is none too happy about the fact that some one is coming to look at our house with the idea that they might buy it.  Of course, we all know where his head is at. He, doesn’t want to leave his girl. I can’t say as I blame him, but at the end of the day it kind of is what it is. I’ve still got control a little bit until he’s 18. He doesn’t do a thing I say, and he books me at every possible turn. That girl is the most important thing in his life right now if you ask him. If we moved, that might be a good thing too. Who knows. I do know, that if we do move, my boy will be very angry at me. And I guess I’m prepared to deal with that too. I’m trying to do whatever’s the best thing for our family, and I don’t think there is one thing that’s going to please everyone. That’s the way life goes sometimes.

Sterling, on the other hand is excited for a new adventure wherever it may be. And Rod, he’s ready for a new adventure as well. So, wish me luck, send good vibes my way, and I guess we’ll see how it all comes out in the wash. I may be saying goodbye to Mississippi, or I may just be changing location. I guess we won’t know until that day comes.  For me, I think I’d be OK with a new adventure. I will miss all the memories and the possibilities that are a little farm holds, but there’s always other possibilities. And memories, or something that you can take out on a rainy day and look at anytime you want. I know I make as many memories as I can, And someday my rainy days will be full of reminiscing. I hope my grandkids don’t get too bored!

Until next time, here’s to hoping. I hope that each one of you has a chance to get a new adventure, or actually go on a new adventure find a new adventure, who knows. Just, try to live each day to the very full list. I’ll talk to you all soon. 


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