Music and words

I’m on my way to work, as usual, and listening to Sirius radio. I usually dictate this blog into my phone, (and then correct it later,) on my way to work because it gives me uninterrupted time to think. Random thoughts just pop into my head, and sometimes the things I see on the road are interesting enough to write about. Most often, I listen to the radio, and switch from song to song to song. I love music. I always have. And my tastes are varied. I love everything from heavy-metal to rap to jazz to the blues to country. I appreciate all music even if I don’t care for all of it.

I can remember when I was growing up my mother would put music on the stereo and dance around the living room. I remember her putting those 45s on that huge record player and just dancing. In that one moment, she was free. She didn’t have to worry about anything. And in that one moment, my mother was the most beautiful woman in the world.   Music to me, has always been a reflection of whatever mood I’m in. And, music has the power to take me from a bad or sad mood to a pumped and happy mood.   There are so many great songs out there. I stand in awe of songwriters. It takes an amazing person to be able to pull the emotions out of another person. And then, if you get a really great singer to perform your song, wow!  

Music and transport us back in time, to a good memory or a bad memory or just a time when we were free. Music can touch our hearts, it can make us cry, can make us angry, it can make us happy. It really is the soundtrack of our lives. There’s always that one song that is associated with that one memory, that one time that you’d like to go back and see  again just for one minute. Maybe it’s the day your first child was born, maybe it’s the day your last child was born, maybe it’s the day you fell in love, maybe it’s the day you had your heart broken, maybe it’s talking to your grandma for the last time, maybe it’s just a memory under neath the Summer sun where everything was right in your world. A song can bring that back.  And for one moment, you’re there again. There have been times when a song is transported me so far back that I could even smell whatever it was I was remembering if I closed my eyes. That’s powerful.

Maybe it’s just an association we make. Maybe it’s just a mind trick to be able to remember something. I’d like to think that a songwriter and an artist have just a little bit of magic that they spread. Each song is a little bit of magic and maybe the magic is different for each person. But, it’s there.  Today, I’d like to give a big thank you to every song writer, and every artist out there for enriching my life in ways that they couldn’t possibly have known when they pen the song. I’d like to thank them for being there to transport me back to the  times that I don’t want to forget. I enjoy stepping into their time machines all the time.  I hope each and everyone of you find a song today that takes you back to a time that was special to you. I know, I’ve got the radio playing, and I’m probably going to crank it up loud, and head off into my day with music in my truck, music in my heart, and a song helping me to remember when. Have a great day everyone!


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