Driving thoughts

You guessed it, I’m driving to work again. It’s not as foggy as it was yesterday today, but it’s still a little bit gloomy. Although, I think it supposed to warm up to like 80° today. So a gloomy start does not always mean a gloomy finish. As I drive, as you well know, my thoughts just kind of randomly go where they may. I think sometimes it’s kind of like a reset for my brain. It’s kind a like a free association in there. In my head one thought bumps into another thought bumps into another thought and bumped into another thought. And eventually, I hope they can come out and some coherent way.

This morning I’m sitting here driving and I’m thinking about low morale. I’ve seen a lot of it lately. I don’t know why, but most of the people that I know are unhappy or unsatisfied at work. I think sometimes people forget that there are other people involved in everything they do. I hope that makes sense, I just mean that they. Are often times too busy looking out for their own self interest to take into account the feelings or thoughts of another person. Whether that’s at work, or at home, or just out in public. This can be evidenced by the lack of goodwill I guess we’ll say in society in general. I know that sometimes it’s hard to think about other people. I know sometimes what you want seems so shiny and so bright and the goal is right there that maybe you don’t think about that person right next to you. Maybe. we’ve all done it. Maybe we don’t see the good things that others  do but when they have something that’s not so good we pointed out because it’s not getting us to our goal faster.

I can tell you one thing, most people respond better to a little ego boost then they do a tearing down. There are actually people out there that use the tearing down as an incentive. They seem to think that if they tell someone that they’re not good enough, that they will strive harder. And while that may work in the short-term, after years or days or weeks of being told that nothing they do is right, Pretty soon they’re not going to care. And that’s when an attitude of apathy comes about. People start to only  do their job, or do what they have to do, but They really don’t take pride in whatever it is they’re doing. They don’t go that extra mile. Why should they, they’re either going to get paid the same, or they’re going to receive no recognition when they do something out of the ordinary or an extra.  It’s a shame really. You have people that go the extra mile all the time, and the only times that they are even recognized is when they don’t go the extra mile. It’s sad that we are so focused on our goals, and getting there anyway we can that we forget that it’s the people around us that prop us up so we can reach higher. The people around us are the ones that we count on to support us. They are the ones, The ones that we take for granted, that give us the foundation to try and reach for higher and higher goals. They are the ones that see us at our best, and at our worst, and accept us anyway

I hope each and everyone of you today, have a wonderful day. I hope that whether you are the one reaching for the goal, or the one helping someone toward the goal that something you do is recognize today. I just want to say I think that you’re all amazing people. Each and everyone of you doesn’t outstanding job at whatever it is that you do. Unless of course you don’t. But if you actually put forth effort, And you honestly try, and you give it your all while you’re trying even if you fail there’s nothing that anyone could ask for any more than that.

I’m leaving you with a couple of shots today that you may or may not of seen.   I actually just couldn’t resist that one of the boys in the old train car. Ran across it this morning, and that was such a good trip. That’s the kind of day that I hope everyone has. Go out and make it a fantastic Friday!

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