Rainy Monday

When I woke up, at 4:45 this morning it was not raining. And it was actually kind of warm out.  so I started my day and now as I drive to work, it’s raining. It’s going to be a rainy Monday. The weatherman can’t be wrong about this one. However, instead of being a gloomy Monday, I think I’m going to slide into an easy Monday. As I was driving, I was listening to Sirius XM, and a little bit of Chris Stapleton and his Tennessee Whiskey came on the radio. That kind of music, gets you in the mood to just float through the day. It’s the kind of music that can get into your soul if you let it.  I know that this song will be featured on my internal soundtrack pretty much all day. And so, what could’ve been a rainy gloomy day is just going to be a smooth and easy day. Before I know it I will have glided through the entire day on the wings of this music, and it’ll be time to headed home again. Just can’t beat that on Monday.  

So, my short wish for you today, is to find something to help you glide through your Monday. Whether it’s a song, whether it’s a sunrise, whether it’s the person sitting next to you, I hope you have an amazing day. And just think, we won’t see another Monday until next week!  So for now, here are a couple shots for my adventure with Sterling yesterday. Have a great one!

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