Branching out

Good morning everyone! I know I haven’t written in a couple days, life is been as hectic as life usually is. I’m sure that yours had been the same. I had an amazing day yesterday, and I just wanted to share. First, I got up got a haircut, got to sit and talk with my hairdresser who has become a very good friend to me. She’s funny, she smart, She’s compassionate, and I love what she does with my hair. Got to love that woman. She has her own stories to tell, and she’s also a really good listener. I think a lot of people are missing out by not finding a hairdresser, or a barber. There’s just something therapeutic about going and getting your hair done and having a great conversation with someone that you’ve gotten to know. And any rate,  I digress. After that, I had to go in and sell a motorcycle. That was OK. After that, I had an appointment with the paper that I do freelance stuff for. The editor had told me he wanted to talk about how I could contribute on a more regular basis. So, for at least two weeks I have been wondering what in the world That could possibly mean. Well, yesterday I found out.

I had never been in the offices of the meridian star. And as I walked in, I felt the history of the place. I mean really, how many newspaper stories have actually been written there. How many pivotal stories were covered by people working out of that office? Questions like this, ran through my mind as I waited for the editor. As he appeared, I started to wonder what in the world he really wanted to talk to me about. He took me to his office, and invited the city editor in to sit down with us. Now, I really began to wonder. And then, they told me. I am going to be writing a feature at least twice a month, on local businesses and artists. And then, as another feature they are going to start doing stories on my Sunday adventures! I am going to get to go off on Sunday adventures, with sterling, and the newspaper wants to look at publishing them! I can’t imagine a better outcome for that meeting.

I am truly blessed. I am truly humbled.  To have people that have been in the business for years tell me that they liked my stories, and they liked my photographs. That is a truly humbling feeling. I feel so proud, right at this moment. Something that I just took a chance on when I applied at the meridian star and it has turned into something that I enjoy. I write the articles, I get to learn about new things, and I get to take pictures of cool things. I get to maybe reach a person or two. Maybe, I change their day for the better. Maybe, I show them an experience that they may not have known about. Maybe they go and do the thing I’m writing about and have an amazing time. And maybe, maybe I change just one life just a little bit for the better. That’s awesome.  And I get the chance to do that in a small way.

I was sitting this morning and completing my yoga challenge for this month. Yes, I’m one of those people that loves fitness challenges. And the yoga challenge that I’m doing, had me meditate for two full minutes this morning. I sat down in the sun, and my dog came up beside me asking to be petted, and I sat there and tried to clear my mind while I rubbed his soft flank. I think that’s what you’re supposed to do, clear your mind. meditation has never been my strong point. Anyway, instead of my mind being cleared, all I could think about was how blessed I truly am.  I have a job that most of the time I really enjoy, I have freelance work that I absolutely enjoy, I have my health, and I’m working to make that even better, the sun is shining today, my dog is healthy and he was showing me how much he loved me, and most important of all I have a family that I absolutely love with my entire heart, and who loves me back. I am nowhere near perfect, that’s for sure, but they love me anyway. In fact, another High Point of yesterday was that I talk to my daughter. She lives in Colorado, and we don’t get to talk very much. But I am unbelievably proud of the woman that she is and I love her more than anything. I just can’t imagine a better life. I’m not rich, I don’t live in a huge amazing mansion, I don’t have money coming out of my ears.  But, I have plenty to eat, a roof over my head, I have a vehicle to drive, all my bills are paid right now, and I’m loved. And to me that last one is the most important one.

So, I guess I’m branching out a little bit. I hope each and everyone of you are: number one, loved the way I am, and number two: I hope each and everyone of you take a chance. You just never know what might happen. Whether it’s a job, a girl, a guy, a story, a picture, a new haircut, Just take a chance. The outcome might not be what you’re hoping for, but in the end it’ll all be OK. Taking chances sometimes can change you in ways that you don’t even realize at the time, branching out, trying new things, and hopefully living life to the fullest. Yes, that’s the recipe, I think, to a happy life. I hope everyone has an awesome day today. And here are a few pictures that you may or may not have seen. Talk to you soon!

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