A new type of adventure

Yesterday was Sunday. It’s usually the day that I try to spend adventuring with my boys. Yesterday, I did have a sort of an adventure, but it was something that was completely new. I did have to leave home and go away from my husband for a couple hours, but he was busy working on his RZR with Sterling, so I’m not quite sure that he missed me too much. Yesterday, I did my first interview for a new series that the Meridian star wants me to write. And let me tell you it was amazing!

The paper wants me to do a series of articles on area Artisian’s and unique businesses. Well, that leaves a whole lot of room for  interpretation. Although, not as much as I thought when I first got the assignment. No restaurants, and the businesses kind of need to make something or at least that’s what they told me. And any rate, I have to run the ideas by the editor just to make sure that the paper hasn’t done an article on them in the recent past. That can be kind of tricky, because some of the people that I wanted to do articles on they had already done articles on. And then I found out the no  restaurant thing so that shot down another idea. You guys know me, I am totally interested in everything! At the end of the day, I  did finally set up an interview with a local artist. And like I said she is totally awesome. Her name is Angi Ware  and she is an assemblage artist. I had to look up what that means, but basically she told me  that it’s making art out of normal every day stuff. Taking old and forgotten things, and making them fabulous again.  The art itself was awesome. However, it wasn’t so much the art that I found so fascinating, as the person. This woman is a wife, a mother, a nurse, and a student in addition to being an artist. Her goal in life is to help other women realize who they are. Basically, she wants to help other women along on their own unique journey. She wants to help them find their own happiness. In  Her words were often echoing the things that I had been learning over this past year about myself and my life    It was an amazing feeling!

I had an amazing conversation, I got to shoot some pretty cool pictures, and at the end of the day I left feeling more hope for humanity than I had in a while. Surely, if I am feeling the way I’m feeling and she is feeling the same, then maybe common sense is not lost. Maybe, people aren’t too far gone. Maybe, when people realize that it’s OK to not be what everyone else wants you to be and just be who you are well, maybe everything will be OK.

My Sunday wasn’t a typical adventure. But, it was an adventure that I would not trade for anything. And if you ever get the chance to check out this woman’s art, most definitely do. I have included a few pictures below of the kind of art that she makes. I hope each and everyone of you have an amazing day, and I hope that you find who you are. I loved it when she said “deep within each and everyone of us deep in our core, is who we are, or who we were meant to be. Find that, grow that because that is where your true happiness lies” and I couldn’t agree with her more. 

Check her out here: Curious Revival

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