So far so good

Well, here it is on Friday, and a St. Patrick’s Day by the way. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! However, that’s not what I wanted to write about this morning. But I wanted to write about is that this is the first full week that I have had two columns or, rather series in our Zlocal paper. The first one is a series of articles on local artists of all kinds and businesses that make things. I think they’re calling it locally made. So my first article published the other day. And I think it went pretty well. I know I really enjoyed meeting the artist.

The second series, is something that is well, I guess you could say it’s serendipitous. I love that word, I always love that word. And any rate it is an article for a series called Sunday drives. I’m sure you can guess, what the content of that will be. It’s just another form of Sunday adventures. And, That is so fitting. For this first article, I actually had just submitted an idea to the editor. I knew that he wanted to do kind of the location thing, and so I took an adventure of Sterling and I driving, right off this blog actually, and rewrote it. I did have to go and take new pictures, because newspapers want to caption photos. That means you have to be able to remember exactly what you shot at. Like names of churches and stuff like that. So, I did go and I re took some pictures, and I got some really good ones. But, now, since it’s going to be a regular thing I’m getting paid to adventure. You can’t beat that!

My mom knows, that I used to write for the newspaper in high school. But since then, I haven’t even thought about being a reporter, a columnist, or a correspondent. It just kind of happened. And I think sometimes that’s how life is. I was talking to my friend Randy the other day and he asked me a question and then that led to the question of whether or not we believe that our lives are all up to us or if there’s some sort of preordained path. Well, when I was growing up I had these adventure books, actually they were choose your own adventure books. In those books, there was about four or five endings because authors really can’t spend an immense about a time writing 50 million different endings for one story. So, you chose this and you chose that and it told you which page to turn to and then your choices lead to either your death, you winning, or another choice. And I told Randy, that as simple as this might sound I kind of think that’s how our lives are. I think that maybe there’s multiple ways that our lives could end up and they’re all affected by our choices but in the end our lives have a General guideline if you will, that they follow. I never imagined  my choices would bring me to where I am today. When I was a teenager, I never pictured me as a 46-year-old mother of three that writes articles for a newspaper and takes pictures that get published in the newspaper as well. I never imagined that I would be selling Harley Davison’s, and doing all the work that I do for my husband’s business. I never imagined my life would be so full. Whatever dreams I had when I was 16, they in no way compared to the realities that I have today. I’m not 100% what my dream is, but I can tell you for sure that I’m living in each and every day   And my adventure book, still has a whole lot of chapters left in it.  I’m really excited to see where my choices are going to take me next!

I hope each and everyone of you have a great adventure in your adventure book of life today. I hope you all make a memory, and I hope you all get great news about something, I hope that you have the best life possible. Until next time, here are some shots from my chunky Mississippi Sunday drive. I hope you enjoy them. I’ll talk to you again soon!!  By the way, if you do want to read my latest article, check out the meridian star.

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